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Measures on the coronavirus

March 12, 2020

Measures on the coronavirus

Since AMS is a vibrant community with many international students and partners, we deliberately choose to apply measures that go beyond national security guidelines. We want to contribute as best we can to the health and wellbeing of our AMS community and society as a whole. The only effective way to do so is to reduce risk of transmission.

No face-to-face contact, however, does nót mean no contact whatsoever. In line with global trends and technologies, we have gained considerable experience in digital learning over the past few years. We will make full use of this experience and our strong online infrastructure to provide a high-quality digital alternative in the upcoming weeks. We will inform all participants of the proposed solutions and specifics of their program and group.

We are very much aware of the challenging and unpredictable circumstances and the far-reaching impact of our measures, but we are equally bent on keeping our community as vibrant as ever. So, let’s all continue our learning journey together, looking after each other and contributing wherever we can.

Message from the Dean

The health and safety of our staff, lecturers, students and partners remain our top priority. It goes without saying that we also make every effort to continue our core mission, i.e. our educational and research activities.

In view of the changed situation regarding coronavirus COVID-19 and following the governmental measures, De Boogkeers campus will be closed from March 12 until the end of April.

All physical classes are canceled from March 12 until the end of the academic year. Participants of current programs follow online courses and projects are being dealt with digitally, thus assuring the quality of our education.

If necessary, we will extend this period, depending on how the situation evolves in the next few weeks.

We would like to thank all our students, participants, staff and stakeholders for their understanding in these exceptional circumstances.

Warm regards,

Steven De Haes
Dean Antwerp Management School


Also the previous taken measures remain important

Possible infections with coronavirus must be notified immediately to

The general hygienic guidance remains valid

  • Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly
  • Avoid physical contact when greeting others (shaking hands, kissing…)
  • Keep your distance from others
  • No contact with people who are sick or at risk (elderly).
  • Stay home if you are sick!

Staff and researchers working remotely

All employees of Antwerp Management School are working from home, from March 12 until the end of April.

Non-essential meetings and gatherings will be postponed, cancelled, or run as virtual meetings where possible.

Of course, at all times, we have to continue and ensure the daily operations and services with our customers.

In case you are really unable to work from home because of your health condition, it is recommended to consult your doctor by telephone before going for a consultation. There is temporary permission from the government for the doctor to prescribe a ‘doctor's note’ after a telephone consultation.

In this situation you send the digital ‘doctor’s note’ to to confirm your incapacity to work.


All AMS events and events organized by external parties in the Boogkeers are cancelled until the end of April, as the campus is closed.

Students who are currently abroad in the framework of their studies

Students who are currently abroad (any country) are not recalled, while students who take the personal decision to return to their home country are accommodated to the extent possible. In close collaboration with the foreign partner schools, online learning is facilitated to secure continuation of the learning journey. Antwerp Management School is in contact with all students and asks to follow the measures and advice of the local authorities.

Students/staff/visitors returning from abroad (any country)

Staff members work from home and should contact their supervisor or HR. Students should contact their program manager to discuss how their learning path can be ensured.
If you become ill in the coming weeks, do NOT leave home and call your GP/doctor as soon as possible, sharing your travel history and symptoms. Do not visit a waiting room or the A&E/ emergency service without prior notification. Your GP/doctor can properly assess the situation and take the necessary and appropriate measures.

Students/staff who are planning to travel abroad in the framework of their studies or work

AMS does not allow planned trips abroad for students and staff until 19 April 2020. Staff members who think that an international trip is essential due to exceptional reasons can ask dean Steven De Haes for permission to travel.

Students/staff/visitors who may have been in close contact with a person who is infected with the virus

By isolating patients with COVID-19 and their surroundings, the spread of the virus is contained.
Keep an eye out for symptoms such as fever, coughing and respiratory problems. If you fall ill in the following weeks, stay at home, call a GP/doctor as soon as possible and state your symptoms. Do not go to a waiting room or A&E/ emergency service without prior notification. The doctor can assess the situation and take appropriate measures. This advice is in line with the current advice of the World Health Organization and the Belgian Ministry of Health.

Students contact their program managers, employees contact the HR department.

Further information

FAQ: To prevent unnecessary panic, UAntwerp specialists would like to give you the facts. Depending on how the epidemic evolves, this page will be updated regularly.

AMS follows the advices from:

Any specific questions?

This webpage contains general information, but in case you have any specific questions as a student or staff member, please contact The AMS team, which coordinates all questions and measures concerning coronavirus, will help you as soon as possible.

AMS will target the continuation of all ongoing courses as much as possible considering the ongoing constraints, but AMS cannot be held liable for sunk costs or extra costs that are triggered because of this exceptional and unfortunate event (force majeure). We thank you for your understanding and we can assure you that we take all possible actions to limit the negative effects as much as possible.


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