Master in China-Europe Business

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This program is taught in English

About the program

If you want to enhance your hands-on management skills and competences, particularly in the Chinese and European market, this unique Master is ideal for you. A joint initiative of two leading business schools, this stimulating program will guide you in the discovery of your personal strengths and prepare you for a booming career in international business.

Learning objectives

After attending this program:

  • you have profound knowledge of management functions;
  • you have mastered knowledge and skills required in key managerial positions: leadership, people management, and long-term planning;
  • you have strengthened highly relevant business skills, such as entrepreneurship, perseverance, motivation, emotional intelligence, and initiative;
  • you improved your problemsolving skills and capacity for teamwork;
  • you are able to examine global issues from a European and Chinese perspective;
  • you learn the Chinese language or an additional European language if you are a Chinese student;
  • you learn to work in multicultural teams.





Antwerp (Sept – Jan)

  • Management and Organization
  • Operations Management and Research
  • Financial Management
  • Financial and Management Accounting
  • Emerging Powers in the Global Economy
  • General European Financial Management
  • European Business & Politics in the backdrop of Asia

Budapest (Field trip, September)

  • Doing Business and Management in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Cultural Activities
  • Company Visit

Shanghai (Feb – May)

  • Branding in Asia
  • Asian Economy and Geopolitics
  • Cross-Cultural Management and Negotiations
  • Strategic & Supply Chain Management
  • Digital Marketing

Consulting Project (Jun – Aug)

  • Apply acquired knowledge in a hands-on management project

Full-year courses


You can find more information in the brochure. Download the brochure here.

Note: all courses are subject to change.

International Trip

Budapest – Doing business & management in middle & eastern Europe, in collaboration with ESSCA.


China-Europe consulting project

Antwerp Management School students will assist companies for 10 weeks in teams, supervised by their faculty. Together they will work intensively on business challenges and deliver a complete report with fresh insights and practical recommendations. The projects can take place in another country, increasing your network and thus your job or trainee opportunities.

Our Leadership and Career Development Track helps you launch your career. A Career Development Manager will guide you during your time on our campus. Additionally, you will have access to our documentation center as well as a database of companies and organizations.

Who are we looking for?

  • You have a Master’s degree with little or no work experience.
  • You have a clear interest in doing business between Europe & China, or in one of the two business.
  • You have a big interest in the cultural aspect of the program where you will spend 1 semester in Antwerp and 1 semester in Shanghai.
  • After this year you can call yourself the future china-Europe business experts/managers.

Current participants

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