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Maritime and Air Transport Management

Maritime and Air Transport Management - Testimonials

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“This was a tremendous educational and international experience, buckle your seatbelts if you are ready for the journey!”

— Elspeth Hannaford, alumna Maritime Research

"I enjoyed all the enlightening discussions with industry leaders on transportation supply chain, strategic management and sustainability. Graduates from this program are equipped with innovative, solution-focused minds as we embark on future endeavors."

— Jacqueline Hong, alumna Maritime Management

“This program has been a great opportunity to bridge the gap between industry and Academia. It offered plenty of avenues to interact with Industry stakeholders and to learn best practices and challenges, in a fast-paced market; whilst also relating to how well they align or deviate from basic economic principles. As a working professional, I found the curriculum to be rapidly evolving with market conditions, while being strongly grounded on theoretical principles and heavily emphasizing on technology and Innovation. Much thought has gone into the design of its modules, leaving students to chose between applying them in their future workplaces or to dive deeper as an academic researcher and contribute to Science, which I personally found to be a nice and unique trait to this program. Student life is a bit stretched, considering the amount of learning required over such a short duration; however, that is well compensated by the wonderful friendships you make, group activities and helpful staff around you. In a nutshell, a great fun-filled learning experience, especially if one is of the impression, that there is nothing new to learn or that Academic life is short of challenges”.

— Lixon Samuel, alumnus Maritime Research

"After graduating in Applied Economics and Sciences at the University of Antwerp, I really want to gain further knowledge about the transport sector. The C-MAT programme seemed to be a good opportunity. In the first semester, several courses gave a more theoretical insight in many different aspects of the transport sector: economics, strategy, business environment, financing, policy, technology… To see how companies are approaching these issues in real life, many industry professionals were sharing their experiences and thoughts with us through a company visit or a presentation. These contacts gave also important networking opportunities. In the second semester, students had to make a choice between focusing on aviation or on maritime transport. I chose the former and three really specific courses about aviation (on air transport economics, air transport pricing and airport management) gave us a deep and detailed knowledge about different topics in the sector. On top of that, the ability to study a full year with people from each corner of the world gave me the chance to discover new ideas and thoughts about different issues in transportation. Overall, the C-MAT programme was of high value and I was very pleased to be a student in such an instructive environment."

— Thomas Van Asch, alumnus Air Transport Management

"The C-MAT programme was a wonderful opportunity to learn from experienced professors as well as interact with the industry. It was a chance to learn more about two exciting industries from a truly global perspective. I’ve even been able to apply my new knowledge at my current job. The city of Antwerp was a great place to study and live, and I am grateful for the experience that I had through the C-MAT programme. I would highly recommend the programme to anyone wanting a challenging but worthwhile endeavour."

— Jody Kositsky, alumna

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A question about this program?