Managers development tracks

Timing: <10 days.

Our managers development programs are designed for senior level professionals who are responsible for strategy execution. Senior managers often start out as functional leaders or technical experts. Once in a senior position however, they need to obtain a broader, outside-in view of the organization. We support organizations by helping their managers strengthen their roles beyond and across functions and by helping them develop a systemic view of their organization and strategy execution prerequisites. We include topics on strategic challenges when designing these programs and we help project teams to apply insights and achieve concrete results for their organizations.

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Having a team of 14 senior managers of 5 different nationalities present itself as one unit with one single vision? It seemed like an impossible task. However, the off-site project proposed by AMS succeeded in creating a new company culture with tangible impact. The AMS team was present at strategically chosen moments, which helped to create an open atmosphere and positive energy among the participants. The awareness of our values both in life and entrepreneurship, now and later, is a tremendous success! - Catherine Heyman, HR Manager @ Esterline Belgium

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Want to know more about Managers Development tracks?

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Want to know more about Managers Development tracks?