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Personal Leadership Tracks

Personal leadership tracks

Timing: <10 days

Interested in developing a mindset that will take leadership in your organization to the next level?

During our personalized leadership trajectories we design and implement, in co-creation with the organization, development trajectories for leaders and managers, so that they are ready for cultural changes or specific challenges within the organization. We support them in building a more flexible, feedback driven or coaching leadership style. Possible methodologies are: workshops, lectures, personal leadership trajectories, coaching, simulations, etc.

Young potentials

Within the Start to Lead trajectory, we start from a leadership definition which doesn’t impose or provides you with a blueprint of effective leadership. We focus on 'identity work'. This means we help (future) leaders to better understand their leadership role and their identity as a leader.

The Oona Story

Oona is a full-service content agency with a unique vision on content, PR, social media and influencer marketing. As they say themselves, participating into the Start to Lead-program was one of their most important decisions. In this video, the Oona's explain how this journey helped them grow their careers and personality.

3 different tailor made leadership trajectories

Soudal is a Belgian manufacturer of silicones, putty, polyurethane foam, adhesives and waterproofing products in the construction sector. With more than 60 branches in different countries, they work in a very international context. Due to their rapid growth, the organization became increasingly complex. AMS guided them through a national and international leadership trajectory.


Through the NeuroTrainingLab™, leaders or role models in the organization are immersed in tailor-made simulations of a concrete situation or critical incidents in their organization. Participants will interact individually or in duo with an actor who plays out the situation and context as realistically as possible. After each lab exercise, coaches will immediately give feedback on the observed behaviour and the measured competencies of the participant(s). These are also explained in detail in individual and confidential reports drawn up by our coaches. Finally, through individual coaching sessions, additional support and advice is offered to support the development of the necessary leadership skills.


The innovating NeuroTrainingLab leadership Program brings a unique combination of ground-breaking knowledge, fundamental research, extensive experience and directed adaptation:

  • The program is built on most recent scientific insights from the leadership theory, namely the Theory of Leadership Paradoxes. This theory is based on 8 years of intensive observations within the NeuroTrainingLab.
  • The Theory of Leadership Paradoxes integrates insights and practices of shared leadership, a leadership style in which AMS experts have profound expertise
  • All knowledge insights and concepts are adapted to VUCA enviroments and complexity
  • Our trainers, coaches and observators are all jointly trained through the NELA(pro) program, which guarantees coherence in both content and methodology
  • We integrate NeuroTrainingLab and coaching. This uniquely integrated approach is offered exclusively by Antwerp Management School.
  • Working with the NeuroTrainingLab is always a better option, since this integral approach of action and coaching on-the-spot behaviour redirection is constalty based on objective reference points.
  • We offer several virtual tools (measurement + feedback) for diagnosis and virtual follow up (KLIO-CS, TheBrainBalance, MyCoach), based on Neurosciences as wel.
  • Based on the 7S model van High Performance Teams we offer a platform for diagnosing and guiding teams.

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Want to know more about Personal Leadership Tracks?

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Want to know more about Personal Leadership Tracks?