Personal leadership tracks

Timing: <10 days

Interested in developing a mindset that will take leadership in your organization to the next level?

We codesign and deliver development tracks for leaders, key employees and change agents in alignment with cultural changes and specific behavioral challenges within their organization. We can support organizations in creating a more agile, feedback-driven culture or a coaching leadership style by analyzing the current situation and designing specific interventions, e.g. workshops, lectures or role-playing and coaching at our NeuroTrainingLabâ„¢.

Contact our Learning & Development Advisor for more information on our personal leadership tracks.

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How to grow your young pottentials?

Oona is a full-service content agency with a unique vision on content, PR, social media and influencer marketing. As they say themselves, participating into the Start to Lead-program was one of their most important decisions. In this video, the Oona's explain how this journey helped them grow their careers and personality.

3 different tailor made leadership trajectories

Soudal is a Belgian manufacturer of silicones, putty, polyurethane foam, adhesives and waterproofing products in the construction sector. With more than 60 branches in different countries, they work in a very international context. Due to their rapid growth, the organization became increasingly complex. AMS guided them through a national and international leadership trajectory.