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Our dedicated team approaches each new project with a fresh eye and tailors the answer to your specific question, thereby focusing on reaching the overall goal of the L&D project.

Before we start, our Learning & Development Advisor takes the time to analyze the detailed organizational context, culture, strategy and the specific challenges and needs.

We co-create the ideal project together, as partners, facilitated by our high level content experts. Next to the in-depth understanding of the customized content to be offered, we align on the format of the project and share our expertise and advice on the structure and the specific teaching methods. The AMS Hybrid Learning Model is used to ensure the creation of an impactful and unique program.

We rearrange the building blocks (formats) mentioned below to guarantee that they are completely in line with the context (target group, timing, intensity, sequence) and goals of your organization. All our formats are available in both a face-to-face and blended learning approach, depending on the participants’ learning styles.

Sustainable learning

We ensure a safe learning environment, as openness and transparency is key. The experience of your employees is crucial for our management school and therefore we set high standards. Whether we construct a short or long or an in-person or blended format: we will carefully monitor each participant’s comfort and satisfaction.

Whichever program your business or organization chooses, our faculty always provides a safe learning environment and stimulates an interactive and open debate within the group. All participants receive individual access to our learning management system that supports supports face-to-face learning, interactive and self-directed online learning as hybrid formulas.


Speeches, lectures, or presentations, given by one of our experts at a larger meeting (e.g. conference, management meeting or business mixer) on a predefined topic.

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An in-depth development session on a specific subject, or related subjects, usually lasting 0.5 to 2 days and led by 1 or more experts. The aim is to pass on expert knowledge and the latest knowledge trends in the given subject area. Occasionally, external knowledge holders are invited to participate and share their expertise.

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A work or problem-solving session on a predefined topic, in which the collected group produces an identifiable output (e.g. a document, plan, or aligned concept or approach). This type of session usually takes 0.5 to 2 days and is facilitated by 1 or more faculty members.

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A management development session on a theme or management topic. The session usually lasts 2 to 5 days. Based on the demand, we provide the right internal and/or external experts.


A longer-term development program that combines other types of sessions. Academies are typically led by an Academic Director and last 6 to 24 months. They work with multiple intakes from management groups.

Research Project

A customer-defined research project that will be carried out by our research team. The results and findings of the research can be used as input for other sessions (e.g. keynote, workshops, academy).

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