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Is AI the supply chain planner of the future?
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Supply Chain & Logistics

Is AI the supply chain planner of the future?

Decision-making in supply chain & logistics is a high-stakes game. Many AI developers dream of creating a world where all data is processed by advanced algorithms. A world without human planners, since “people can only add error”, dixit McKinsey (2018). But is this really the case? Shouldn’t we be aiming at leveraging the benefits of AI with people’s knowledge and nuance? Aren’t there cases where people are predictably better than purely data-driven models?

During this webinar, prof. dr. Tom Van Woensel will present new insights that may lead your organization to more efficiency and profitability. You will discover more about the interaction between AI and supply chain & logistics, so you can unlock their full potential.
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by Tom Van Woensel, PhD | June 5, 2023

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