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Executive MBA Moscow

Executive MBA Moscow - Overview


The economy in Central and Eastern Europe has progressed dramatically in recent years. The former state-controlled industries have largely been replaced by modern, hi-tech, advanced businesses throughout the region. In some cases, the rate of technological progress has outstripped the capacity of support systems to provide the necessary infrastructure to enable these businesses to achieve their potential. With the support of IBS in Moscow, the AMS Management School EMBA aims at educating and developing successful managers.

The Antwerp Management School EMBA, delivered with the support of IBS, in Moscow aims to develop such managers. The Antwerp Management School EMBA in Moscow is a mirror image of the EMBA delivered in Antwerp. It is designed to support experienced and globally oriented managers to be truly successful in their careers in an international environment and within the regional context. Whilst participants usually begin the program with a relatively deep but narrow field of experience (engineering, law, economics, finance…) during the program they study the range of management disciplines to make them capable of successfully holding general management or chief executive positions in international focused businesses.

Learning objectives

After attending this program:

  • you will have enhanced your analytical and critical thinking and improved your decision making;
  • you will have a solid understanding of all the functional areas of global business;
  • you will have gained a thorough insight of how organizations create value for their customers;
  • you can bring extra value to your current position when applying the best practices and frameworks in your day-to-day work;
  • you are able to create a corporate reflection and a holistic approach;
  • you will have developed internal consultancy skills and change-agent capabilities.


Successful completion of the program requirements results in participants being awarded the Antwerp Management School EMBA master’s degree. This is an official Belgian master’s degree. Participants are also awarded a Certificate from IBS confirming completion of the program.


This program is designed for ambitious experienced professional people with a good education and a strong desire to move forward in their career, in an international context. They come from the widest range of industries, ownership structures and professions; and from all levels of management and specialist roles. Participants are keen to share their experience and explore, with similarly minded people, where there are opportunities for growth.

Trips & global residencies

Participants of the EMBA Moscow edition further develop their global perspective and build an international network through working with EMBA students from the host institutions during 3 one-week global residencies:

  • Sun-Yat-Sen University in Guangzhou, China
  • MIT in Boston, U.S.A.
  • AMS in Antwerp, Belgium
  • On these study trips local challenges are investigated from an economic, geopolitical, cultural and environmental point of view. The residencies include lectures, company visits and debates with business leaders and local experts. This helps participants understand diverse international business situations and trends whilst exploring new intercultural competence knowledge through working in culturally diverse teams and organizations.
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A question about this program?