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Antwerp Management School is the leading business school in Belgium, the undisputed leader in the field of professional retraining of executive management personnel (Executive education and retraining). Antwerp Management School is positioning itself as a “young school with centuries-old traditions of business education.” Belgium's leading business school with more than 150 years of business education experience and closest ties with the Belgian and European business community.

It is difficult to find a place more suitable for studying the positive trends of internationalization and globalization of business. Flemish speak 3-4 languages; they are open to international cooperation. Here they are able to do business and have been successfully learning how to do it for a long time.

1. Genuine international education

We are growing leaders in a dynamic international business context, immersing our listeners in the global business community and giving them access to global resources, which is important for their future career. As part of the MBA program, you will visit China and the United States, get the opportunity to work intensively with EMBA students from Russia, China, the United States and European countries.

The first position of our international EMBA program in the Financial Times rankings indicates its international leadership, which will allow you to expand your own MBA network around the world. This clear advantage is completely unavailable under local or regionally-directed MBA programs.

2. Basic modules

The core modules of our EMBA program will enable you to get a reliable general management education covering the whole range of management functions and business disciplines used by millions of companies around the world.

3. Master's consulting project

Our teachers are experts in their field with an affinity for public and social profit organizations. They combine academic expertise with extensive practical knowledge. You constantly make the link with practice through cases and exercises.

There is nothing more exciting than working on a real project where you can put your knowledge into practice and feel that you are really efficient in coping with the task. The master's consulting project solves a real business problem or calculates business development opportunities, which EMBA students work on either individually or in a group under the guidance of a qualified faculty and business executive.

The company will appreciate your contribution as a fresh look at the problem, bringing new ideas. A sense of satisfaction and pride that you will experience when presenting your project will give you a taste of future accomplishments. The master's consulting project also gives you the opportunity to shine “in your office”, demonstrating your new range of skills and knowledge.

4. Small groups

To ensure an individual approach, we organize classes in an environment where you are the center of attention. Our goal is to recruit up to 30 skilled, ambitious Executive MBA course participants each year. By keeping small groups, we provide each participant with the advantages of an individual, personalized approach. The small group allows you to well control the quality of academic and practical content of the program, as well as the degree of individual participation of students in the learning process and their level of progress. In the end, you came to the EMBA program not to get lost in the crowd, but to stand out and proudly take your place in the business world tomorrow.

5. City of Moscow

The AMS EMBA shares all the core values of Moscow: innovation, a dynamic and enterprising character, and an ideal international environment for unleashing your full potential and becoming a successful world leader with a 21st century worldview. While studying at AMS, you will learn and love this city.

6. Financial Times rating

The London Financial Times is one of the world's most respected rating organizations for evaluating educational services. Our EMBA program always occupies the top positions in this rating (consistently ranked in the top 100 in the world). This proves once again that AMS offers you a top-notch EMBA program, which carefully prepares you for an international career. Although the Financial Times methodology almost does not take into account the urgency of developing personal or leadership skills (areas in which our EMBA shows excellent results), it provides a good analysis of several important aspects of MBA educational programs.

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A question about this program?