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Executive MBA

Executive MBA - Overview

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This Executive MBA program could be for you. That’s right. Ask yourself…

Do you feel that you’ve reached a major crossroad in your life? Do you want change? Do you have that burning ambition to make a difference and have a tangible impact on business and society?
Then it seems you are ready to embark on a new adventure. To take the right path leading towards that goal. You are ready to step out of your daily routine and
comfort zone, embrace your own development and make your personal growth plan happen.

Our shared values, driving the EMBA forward

Opening minds to impact the world is what drives AMS and its partners ESSCA and IBS. We’ve created a program driven by our shared humanistic values, making sure that our participants receive a deep insight into the human, ethical and economics dimensions of organizations needing to work in an international environment, driven by technology and social dimensions.

For more than 60 years, AMS has been delivering a state-of-the-art Executive MBA. In 1999, a collaboration with IBS in Moscow started, preparing Moscow students for a new economic future. In 2020, ESCCA joins this partnership, bringing over 110 years of experience, In France and abroad, in management education on board. Together, this partnership will bring the EMBA to new heights.Together, this partnership will bring the EMBA to new heights.

Our mission statement

Antwerp Management School is an international business school that helps its customers to create sustainable value by shaping talent into becoming Global Citizens, mastering the art of decision-making and leading people. To accomplish this mission, Antwerp Management School delivers state-of-the-art management knowledge, anchored in a business and organizational context. This is the fundamental basis on which weput three value pillars: self-awareness, global perspective and societal consciousness, that we believe are needed to become Global Citizens.

EMBA design interpretation

The structure and contents of our EMBA mirrors the values of AMS and its partners. We deliver state-of-the-art management knowledge built on three pillars; personal development, international mindset and societal consciousness.

We give you deep insight and up-to-date knowledge on all managerial domains, with faculty from all over the world.

1. Our unique Personal Development Program includes our groundbreaking NeuroTrainingLab and 1-2-1 coaching by experienced professionals.

2. The international experience is driven by deeply engaging components and a mixed group of global participants.

3. The Positive Impact Project aims to connect you to worldwide challenges and sharpen your sustainable transformation skills.

Together, these building blocks will shape you into an effective leader and global citizen.

The Executive MBA at AMS has a holistic approach, developing the whole individual on a professional and personal level. That’s why this EMBA is perfect for working professionals eager to refine their skills, redefine how to apply their strengths, and begin the next step in their career.

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How do we make this manageable?

Study at your own pace

We understand very well that pursuing an Executive MBA is not always 100% compatible with the demands and needs of your personal and professional life. Our program is designed for professionals, combining a busy life and career with a challenging program. The standard duration for completion of the EMBA is 22 months (equivalent to 2 academic years), 55 mandatory in-class days of which 38 are working days. If necessary, we offer you the option to study at your own pace.

In some cases this may not be convenient or appropriate for the lifestyle or professional responsibilities of individual participants. AMS therefore encourages you to get in touch with us to discuss how the schedule may be redeveloped to ensure that you can complete the program in a logical sequence of activities but in harmony with the external demands on your time. In the past years, participants have completed the EMBA in 2, 3 or more years. Contact us for more details.

The learning process workflow

The small class size

On average our EMBA class is composed of 30 – 35 participants per location. These smaller class sizes allow each participant to receive individual support and have easier access to our faculty. The high-level of interaction in class creates life-long friendships in a supportive atmosphere.

Networking opportunities are created through the frequent connections between class groups of different years and different locations, creating a network of 150 – 200 participants. Each year, Alumni events offer various network events after graduating from the program.

We strive for quality & diversity always

All participants wishing to graduate with the degree of Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) must satisfactorily demonstrate sufficient competences in the mandatory modules, in addition to submitting satisfactory Master Consulting Project reports and Community Project reports.

All teaching materials, discussions and assignments are entirely in English.

‘‘The design of the program, the interaction with faculty and with colleague students gives a boost in self-consciousness and self confidence. After every lesson you go home rejuvenated, reflecting in a different way about all aspects of your own business.”

— Marc S.

Peers - who else is in class?

Each year, we aim for a group of +/- 35 participants from a broad range of academic and professional backgrounds. We encourage female and (aspiring) entrepreneurs to consider our program and we aim to be flexible in meeting individual needs to help complete your EMBA studies at Antwerp Management School.

  • Average age: 36 years
  • Average years of work experience: 13 years
  • Female participants: 33%
  • International participants: 36%

AMS, your second home

We invite you to experience our warm and inviting learning environment. We put a lot of time and investment in networking, organizing interesting events and making sure everybody feels good and at ease at AMS. After all, you will have to spend a lot of time in your studies and with your fellow students, next to your own professional career and private life.

Come and explore our new building at the Boogkeers with fully facilitated classrooms, a nice bistro and roof terrace to relax during your breaks, study rooms, a foyer where you can meet with fellow students or grab a coffee before going to class and so much more. Our environment is designed with you and your needs in our minds.

  • The Alumni Community of Antwerp Management School and the Executive MBA – lifelong friends
    - Antwerp Management School has 24,000 registered alumni in over 85 countries.
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A question about this program?