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Master Class Global Supply Chain & Logistics

Master Class Global Supply Chain & Logistics - Overview


The Master Class Global Supply Chain & Logistics will give you a deeper understanding of the complexities that companies face in supply chain and logistics. A wide range of topics will be discussed, providing you with an overview of all relevant decision-making domains within supply chain and logistics. More specifically, this certificate program will provide you with a thorough insight into the technological, operational, and organizational aspects of global supply chains and logistics.

The Master Class covers a variety of topics such as Transportation & Inventory, Sourcing & Procurement, Forecasting, Sales & Operations planning and Logistics Network Design. We will also look into emerging trends, developments and opportunities (think of: artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data, etc.) to improve supply chain and logistics processes. Finally, in the optional company-based project, you can work on a real-life business case from your own company, individually guided by one of our professors or experts.

The program content is composed of online lectures, relevant readings, class discussions, and faculty-led interactive debates. We will also make generous use of value chain management case studies and applications throughout the sessions. The complete program is offered online, guaranteeing a high-level interaction with participants worldwide.

Learning outcomes

After this course, you will dispose of:

  • a thorough knowledge and understanding of world-class supply chain management practices and their impact on creating and maintaining a competitive advantage;
  • a better understanding of looking at supply chain situations from the perspective of suppliers to and customers of manufacturers and service providers;
  • the tools and applications used in supply chain process evaluation and re-engineering, including sustainability aspects, people, leadership, and change management;
  • experience and insights in both qualitative and quantitative data analysis;
  • a solid knowledge baseline of the most important topics involved in supply chain management, including best practices.

In cooperation with:

European Supply Chain Forum

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A question about this program?