Master Class HRM

Our master class in HRM is a program to grow to the complete HR generalist.

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This program is taught in Dutch

About the program

The position of Human Resource Manager has evolved tremendously in recent years. While previously it was mostly a support service with a focus on personnel administration, the HR manager today plays an important strategic role.

Organizations want to use their ‘human capital’ to keep up with, or even stay ahead of, societal developments and the competition. By now, the war on talent is a concept that we are all familiar with.

As a HR professional you can provide an important contribution to the success of your organization, but a lot is also expected of you. Not only do you need to have knowledge about economy, psychology, law, sociology and organizational science, you also need certain skills that can be employed in difficult situations: you must be accessible and incorruptible, inspire staff, manage change, etc.


Learning objectives

After attending this program:

  • can outline your own strategic HR policy;
  • have the correct knowledge of the most relevant HR building blocks;
  • discover your new possibilities and you are able to effectively integrate these insights into your organization;
  • have a broader perspective because you learn from specialists and other participants from various sectors and backgrounds;
  • are able to deepen, refresh, broaden and refocus your own daily practice.


The program consists of six main topics, subdivided into different classes and assignments: 

  • Sustainable Human Resources
    How does strategic HRM fit in with the corporate strategy? How does HRM play into global trends? Which evolution do we go through: from personnel management to sustainable HRM! The HR professional as a problem solver.
  • Managing compentence and talent
    How do we combine the perspective of the organization with the perspective of employees in terms of desirable competences and available talent? How do we assist employees in their career and how can we ensure a flexible mobility and follow-up? How can we be an attractive employer and can we keep people in our organization as long as it is meaningful for both parties? 
  • Managing Performance
    How does HRM contribute to the organization’s performance? Which are the typical HR key indicators? What are metrics and analytics? How do we work evidence-based with HRM? How does innovation contribute to the improvement of HR performance? Should we still hold performance reviews and evaluations or should we just do away with them? 
  • Coaching
    Who am I, what can I do, what do I want? Which personal development do I want to achieve in the course of this year? Development of conversational skills, reflection on personal growth and development of skills for optimal teamwork.
  • Leading Change
    What is the role of the HR professional in the realization of change? How are leadership and change connected? How do we set up leadership development?
  • Managing work, environment & conditions
    What are good labor conditions? What does the innovative labor organization have in store? How do we ensure adequate remuneration and rewards are given, and which new systems have a proven track record? How can we maintain a social dialogue in a classic as well as innovative manner?



This program has a great answer to your development question if you recognize yourself in one of the following profiles:

  • You have experience in (a subdomain of) HR and want to develop a broader orientation.
  • You are an HR professional, but want to grow into a more strategic or coordinating role.
  • You ended up in HR by chance and need theoretical foundation and new insights.

In the past we welcomed participant of Fortis, ABVV Limburg, Dela, Bekaert, Genzyme, DHL, Inovant, FOD Justitie, Estée Lauder, Politiezone Rupel, Delhaize, Jetairfly, CSC, Daikin, Evonik en Oetker.

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Need advice in selecting the right program? I'm here to help.

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Need advice in selecting the right program?
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