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Enabling Human Impact

Enabling Human Impact

Companies and organizations are constantly on the move. While the new objectives, structures and strategies are worked out in detail, the human aspect is often neglected. Within this research area, we focus on human impact. We pay attention to innovative ways to respond flexibly to changes in the market. In addition, we gain a better understanding of the complexity of the individual and thus increase the effectiveness of investments in human capital.


Next generation work

Practical recommendations and solutions to meet the challenges of the future labor market

Future Leadership

Trends and evolutions in leadership such as self and authentic leadership, shared leadership, high performance organizations etc.


May 25, 2024

Join the Plogathon! Together against litter!

Join the Antwerp Plogathon on May 25 2024! The students of Antwerp Management School invite you to help tidy up our beautiful city, by picking up as much litter as you can. With some healthy competition and an amazing vibe all around, we're sure to accomplish much! It's not about ...

May 28, 2024

How digitalization navigates the merger of Ziekenhuis aan ...

During the next edition of Antwerp Management School’s Digital Transformation Lab, Reinhart Maertens will take ...

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May 22, 2024

Webinar: A well-being policy is more than fruits ...

Join this free webinar and make the first move toward an effective well-being strategy in ...

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May 27, 2024

Wellbeing works: Results after 1 year of research ...

Are you interested in bottom-up insights into what leaders indicate they need to ensure the ...

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