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Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Innovation & Entrepreneurship - Why

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10 reasons why you should apply for this innovation & entrepreneurship program:

1. Study in Milan

In (Consorzio del Politecnico di Milano), the world’s best school in Design Thinking, you will spend a week learning techniques that will be immediately implemented in practice. During three weeks you will work full-time on a design-related exercise for an international company, the so-called “innovation sprint”.

In 2019 students brought their creative ideas to life for AirFrance and Samsonite.

2. Top-ranked program & internationally accredited Master of Science degree

The AACSB and NVAO accreditations awarded to Antwerp Management School clearly demonstrate AMS’ permanent attention to quality education. AMS is also listed in the Financial Times Rankings and the School takes into account the principles of responsible management education as presented by PRME. Our masters are highly ranked in Eduniversal Rankings en QS World University Rankings.  In the QS World University Rankings, you can find our programs in the top 10 Best value for money.

Eduniversal Master Ranking 2021:
N°15 in Entrepreneurship

This program was one of the first in his kind worldwide and improved every year in the rankings. Now it is among the best 30 entrepreneurship master's in the world.

After successful completion of the program, you will receive an official and internationally accredited Master of Science (MSc) degree issued by Antwerp Management School ; ‘Master in Management: Innovation and Entrepreneurship'.

3. International program

You will be part of a very international program. It will be a truly global experience with students and faculty from different nationalities and a unique opportunity to expand your international network. You will learn how to cope with different cultures and the complexities of international business communications. 

At the end of the program, the group will be split up in three groups. Each group will be visiting an upcoming highly innovative ecosystem in the world that could be possible places to scale-up. Every year the students visit different locations. In 2019 the students went to Lisbon, Zürich, and Stockholm. In 2020 trips to Barcelona, New York and Tel Aviv were planned... The trips were organized virtually.

4. Kickstart your career

The program is designed to empower, challenge and support young professionals in creating an incredible advantage for their international career.

Throughout the academic year, several activities will be organized at AMS by the Career Management Services which can inspire and help you in making a good career decision, including job interview trainings, career fairs, networking events, case evenings. Individual and peer coaching is offered to help you explore your talents, interests and needs, relate these to what companies offer in terms of jobs and career opportunities, and prepare yourself for job interviews and assessments. 

Graduates from this program start working in a variety of companies and industries either driving innovation in a corporation, accelerating in leading innovation firms or revamping the family business. Companies include Google, Ecover, EY, Salesforce, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Unilever, AB Inbev, Nestlé, Too Good To Go, LEGO, Deloitte, and Showpad.

Or graduates found their own start-up: Twikit (Scale-up of the year 2018), Bao Living, Poppy, Board of Innovation, Captain Kombucha, Jakhals, Loop, Zetapulse, Sealjobs, Getintheloop, and many more.

5. Hands-on & the newest tools & theories

Innovation is crucial to stay ahead in a competitive business landscape. The Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship teaches you how to transform creative ideas in tangible business concepts or new products.

Professors and researchers provide you with the latest research insights, tools and theories in entrepreneurship and innovation that have not been taught elsewhere. You will learn about the newest strategies, technologies and markets. You will work on real life problems under supervision of top coaches.

You will experience what it is like to develop a start-up or a new innovative idea for an existing company: you will be “learning by doing”.
You will make personal contact with real entrepreneurs, seasoned investors and top managers to enable you to obtain a realistic idea of what it’s like to actually build a business of your own or innovate an existing business in today’s global context.

6. Personal development journey: Global Leadership Skills

Your personal development is a core element in the journey you will undertake during your year at Antwerp Management School.  

At AMS, we look beyond the mere transfer of technical knowledge. As our mission statement explicitly mentions, we also want to stimulate your personal development. Our approach is straightforward: the better you feel as a person, the more confident you are when dealing with complicated business situations. The more accurate your self-image, the better you are able to work with other people and lead others in a responsible manner that commands respect. 

Through the Global Leadership Skills, we build upon the three mission pillars of Antwerp Management School: Self-Awareness, Global Perspective and Societal Consciousness. 

  • Self-Awareness: leads to stronger cooperation with others.
  • Global perspective: leads to a developed global mindset, allowing you to find better solutions to problems and complex issues.
  • Societal Consciousness: leads to sustainability in essential economic processes, a fundamental value in business.

We will offer you relevant frameworks that help you understand who you are and how you relate to others. We will support you in understanding your strengths and needs, and defining your areas for growth. We will challenge you in developing a personal leadership claim that entails a global and sustainable perspective. 

Global Leadership Skills development is more than a ‘nice to have’, it is a basic prerequisite for career success and recruiters will be assessing this when you apply for a job. Today’s employers are looking for exactly the same set of soft skills you will develop during the Global Leadership Skills: self-awareness, the ability to work collaboratively with others, leadership skills, openness to and respect for different perspectives, multicultural awareness. 

7. Get inspired by the start-ups of our alumni

The Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship has already brought forth 80 start-ups. From start-up to great and successful enterprise. From medical products, to coffeebars, from fashion, to apps, the founders all followed the same program.

Get inspired!

8. Launch your own start-up at Antwerp Management School

Graduates from the MIE program can work at our business school to develop their start-up: you can have a free working place and meet clients.

9. Antwerp, city of creators

Antwerp is a creative city for investors and entrepreneurs, always open for new ideas and concepts. The City of Antwerp and its business partners are undertaking many initiatives to encourage innovative entrepreneurship and attract new investments. Some examples:

Antwerp has a very lively, active and fast growing and internationally connected start-up scene.

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