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Master Class Start to Lead - Testimonials


“Start to Lead is not exactly an easy training program: It can get confrontational at times, but in the end, it is very clarifying”, Elena adds. “You need to have an open mindset about the concept, though. If you want to return home with a ready-made set of tools to manage a team, you’ll probably be disappointed. But if you’re looking for in-depth insights into leadership and your own leadership DNA, you will learn a lot from this program. For me, the timing was just right: I was at a turning point in my career. Now that I have my own team and more responsibilities, I fully intend to apply all the insights I gained from Start to Lead.”

— Elena Scuianu - HR Manager at Mediterranean Shipping Company Belgium

“I don't believe there is some sort of universal leadership manual. In my opinion, leadership is very individual. So, I wasn't looking for a very practical training course that tells you exactly what to do in this or that situation. Start to Lead stood out from the other programs because it was anything but practical. The program is more of a journey, starting from your own, individual story. Step by step you learn how to get your message across to other people in a way that is very much in tune with your personality. It was very enriching for me to see how you can uncover your true leadership.”

— Wannes Dierckx - Project manager bij JD-Consult

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A question about this program?