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Why AMS?

Master Class Start to Lead - Why AMS?

Why AMS?

  • First-hand access to new scientific findings from our research department. We start from a leadership definition which doesn’t impose or provides you with a blueprint of effective leadership. What matters most, is how you interpret your leadership role. Underpinned by world-leading research, we focus on 'identity work' in this program. This means we help (future) leaders to better understand their leadership role and their identity as a leader.
  • Experience-oriented training that makes the new vision on leadership more tangible and applicable. Leadership development departs from action: "You first have to act like a leader, before you can think like a leader". Scientific insights are translated into hands-on assignments during and in between sessions. By means of self-reflection and peer-to-peer intervision, you learn to fine-tune your leadership mindset and enhance your leadership skills
  • New Way of Teaching, alternating in-class sessions with online intervisions, so as to create a continuous learning cycle.
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A question about this program?

Bruno Baert

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A question about this program?