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The Sharing City

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The Sharing City

How can we turn Antwerp into a sustainable sharing economy ? Coordinated by Citylab2050, Antwerp Management School investigated the role it can play in stimulating the local sharing economy. Using the move to the new campus De Boogkeers as a unique opportunity, AMS set up three experiments within, and with, the new neighborhood.

Type project Open Call – Circular Flanders.
Project partners Stadslab2050, Stad Antwerpen, Samenlevingsopbouw Antwerpen
Duration January 01, 2018 - December 31, 2019
Contact person Roel De Rijck

Coordinated by Citylab2050, the project ‘The Sharing City’ was launched in 2018, in collaboration with Antwerp Management School, Antwerp Community Development and the Urban Management Department of the City of Antwerp. The goal was to explore the possibilities of turning Antwerp into a sustainable sharing economy.

Antwerp Management School used the move to the new Campus De Boogkeers as an ideal lever to set up three experiments with the new neighborhood. In this way, AMS was able to experience in practice what role AMS can play in a local sustainable sharing economy. By combining its own experiences with the experiences of Antwerp Community Development and the Urban Management Department of the City of Antwerp, the project also offered a lot of inspiration to the City of Antwerp in its search for a further sustainable establishment of a sharing economy at city level.

Delende stad

The sharing economy has outgrown its infancy and has been generating new and innovative products and services for quite some time now. Just think of the Velo bikes in Antwerp or the sharing of products or rooms via online platforms.

The central question of ‘The Sharing City’ is how Antwerp's urban actors can accelerate the development of a sustainable sharing economy. By setting up concrete experiments, the City of Antwerp wanted to learn what role the city itself can play and what the role of local city actors can be so that a strong sustainable local sharing economy can become a catalyst in the transition to a sustainable circular economy. The behavior of citizens and consumers will thereby shift from owning to sharing, resulting in a market shift that will create opportunities for innovative product-service systems.

Interested in what Antwerp Management School learned from its experiments?

Go to the lessons learned by AMS

The whole research project resulted in five overall ‘lessons learned’ for the City of Antwerp. Read the final report.

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Roel de rijck

A question about this project?