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ZoZo – Van zorg(zaam) onderzoek naar zorg(zaam)…

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ZoZo – Van zorg(zaam) onderzoek naar zorg(zaam) ontwerp

The department of architecture at the KU Leuven has lots of data as a result of over eight years or user research in the care sector. How can companies use that data for the development of new services, products, buildings, spaces… in the care sector?

Type project Light structure – Tetra project
Project partners KU Leuven: department of Architecture
Duration April 01, 2015 - March 31, 2017
Contact person Remco Lenstra


The main objective of this research project was to translate the perception data coming from research in the care sector for architects and designers, to allow them to effectively use the data in the development of environments, products and/or services that are in line with the perception of patients and other users. Since literature and previous research have shown that easy access is one of the most important criteria for designers when it comes to use of information in the design process, and since the internet is the number one source of information, this translation takes the shape of an online platform (portal site) that bundles and opens perception data.

This objective is divided up into different sub-objectives:

  • selection of perception data that are relevant for the different target groups;
  • basic structure to connect the different types of perception data (video recordings, photos, interviews, …) and make them searchable;
  • prototype of an online platform with full functionality to open up the perception data.

Target group

Of all the general hospitals in Flanders, 30% could effectively use the results of the PROJECT in the coming years. With designers and manufacturers who are active in the care sector, 25% could apply the results. The User group reflects the various target groups. Hospital management as well as design agencies and manufacturers are represented. Sector organizations are also involved.
Improving patient perception will lead to increased efficiency and wellness in the care centers, which will have an impact on the cost of care. By better working with patient perception, designers and manufacturers can improve their competitive position, also internationally. In 5 years’ time, an economic surplus value of almost € 7 MIO is expected.

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Remco lenstra

A question about this project?