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Mission of the expertise center

We research the future of our labor organization. Together with our partners we create a sustainable vision on HRM, work, careers and organizations. Our research is based on a number of fundamental principles, as well as on our personal activities: the importance of the vision of all stakeholders and a co-creative approach. Through dialogue and collaboration with different partners and stakeholders, we reach practical solutions that are introduced in many organizations.

There is a huge need for better insight into how organizational changes can be successfully introduced. A balance needs to be found between the quality of the organization on the one hand and the quality of labor on the other: the creation of an Innovative Labor organization, while keeping an eye on the human side of organizational change processes. The portfolio organizational change at Antwerp Management School offers you state-of-the-art insights and a clear scientific framework to face your future challenges. With this expertise center, we help managers find a sustainable way to prepare their organization for tomorrow.

Main activities
  • Aim for Workable Work that guarantees the continuity of the organization
  • Help shape organizations in a goal-oriented and conscious manner
  • Support organizations in their switch from functional to process-oriented work
  • Find common grounds for co-creation
  • Chair SD Worx Next Generation Work: Creating Sustainable Careers
  • ID@Work: research project on the inclusion of people with a mental disability on the regular labor market

Cocreate with us



  • Ans De Vos, PhD, Sustainable HRM, Chair SD Worx Next Generation Work
  • Peggy De Prins, PhD, Sustainable HRM
  • Lou Van Beirendonck, PhD, HRM – Focus Competence & Talent Management
  • Bart Cambré, PhD, Director of Research, Business Research Methods
  • Sara Bastiaensens, Senior Researcher Expertise Center Next Generation Work
  • David Stuer, Researcher Expertise Center Next Generation Work

Ans De Vos
SD WORX Chair Next Generation Work: Creating Sustainable Careers

Bart Cambré
Associate Dean of Knowledge & Research

David Stuer
Researcher Next Generation Work

Lou Van Beirendonck
Academic Director HRM

Peggy De Prins
Academic Director Master in HRM Competence Center ‘Next Generation Work'

Sara Bastiaensens
Senior researcher Expertisecentrum Next Generation Work



White paper 'It takes two to tango'

Download this white paper on sustainable career policy and the combination of employees and their executives.


Download white paper ID@Work

White paper inclusion of employees with an intellectual disabilities in the regular economical circuit


Download white paper Flex met Flex

10 lessons to take into account when you want to work time- and location independent. 



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