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Extended duration of working life, robotization, digitalization, computerization, changing demands and standards ofemployees, … The current labor model is constantly changing and presents organizations, employees and society ingeneral with major challenges.

The Expertise Center Next Generation Work is involved in research and counselling on current and future challenges for the labor market: innovative labor organization, sustainable HRM and sustainable careers. Together with our partners we create a sustainable vision on work, emphasizing the importance of co-creation and taking into account the vision of all stakeholders. That is why we focus on the individual/employee, the team, the organization and the ecosystem at large. Through state-of-the-art academic and practice-oriented scientific research in collaboration with several partners and stakeholders, we develop practical recommendations and solutions to face the challenges of the labor market of the future.

Expertisecentrum NGW
Innovative labor organization

How can you make your organization adaptable, flexible and future-proof?

Sustainable careers

How to make sure that employees have ownership of their own career?

Sustainable HRM

The principles of “Purple Management” and a competency-oriented HR policy.

Chair SD Worx Next Generation Work: Creating Sustainable Careers

Read more about the collaboration between AMS and SD Worx.



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March 16, 2019
Inspiration Day 2019

On Saturday March 16, we organize a fascinating morning filled with inspiration. The program will follow - will you save the date already?


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Ans De Vos, PhD, SD WORX Chair Next Generation Work: Creating Sustainable Careers

A question about Next Generation Work?
I'm here to help you.