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The Expertise Center Smart Mobility supports and guides organizations, cities, research centers and service providers in their plans to create a sustainable, innovative mobility for the transport of both people and freight.

Through research and development projects, based on the three pillars ‘People, Planet and Profit’, the expertise center develops and implements new knowledge that will benefit people worldwide.

To develop this knowledge and propose innovative solutions, Smart Mobility works closely with other expertise centers at AMS. These centers provide insights in HR, IT, strategy, innovation, etc. Thanks to this multidisciplinary approach, the expertise center boasts a unique set of skills to create innovative models for sustainable mobility.

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Freight transport for local authorities, shippers and transport companies

Vlotter en dynamischer goederenvervoer voor lokale overheden, verladers en vervoerders.

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Mobility of people for organizations and local authorities

Slimme en efficiënte mobiliteitsoplossingen voor lokale overheden, grote bedrijven en KMO’s.

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Do you have a question for the Expertise Center Smart Mobility?
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