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Leading Organizational Transformation
Digital innovation

Digital innovation

Digital transformation is high on many organizations’ agenda. While numerous start-ups and entrepreneurs are successfully using digital technology for growth and innovation, established companies often find it more difficult to fully explore and profit from the opportunities digitization has to offer.

Together with the University of Antwerp (UAntwerp), we have been playing a leading role in this research area for more than 25 years. We have specialized in designing and implementing the various management, architectural and administrative capacities needed to unlock the full potential of digital transformation.

Main activities

  • Develop state-of-the-art research in four fundamental domains
  • Spread knowledge through publications, courses and conferences
  • Build a reference point embedded in an international network
  • Advise external organizations on projects via contract-based fundingIntegrate knowledge to create high quality management education
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June 13, 2024

Open House info session for professionals

Open House for experienced professionals. We invite you to join us on campus for demo courses and info sessions. It will be an evening of inspiration and networking where you can learn more about our offering, network with faculty, some current students, alumni and like-minded professionals. ...

June 19, 2024

Webinar: Agile is not a structure

Join this free webinar and learn more about agile organizational design and it’s pitfalls ...

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September 18, 2024

Alumni Golf Trophy

Join us for another exciting edition of the Alumni Golf Trophy at the stunning Ternesse ...

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