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Mobility for employers


Employers are increasingly aware of the negative consequences of daily traffic jams: higher fuel costs, hours lost, recruitment difficulties, increased stress, employee dissatisfaction, etc.

At the same time, organizations put more emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)..

Making work of a smart, efficient, and durable mobility policy is not a luxury. But how do you start? Which mobility solutions are suitable for your company? How can the behavior change and impact be measured? How do you determine the right mix? But most of all: How do you make certain the new policy is carried by everyone? With the Expertise Center Smart Mobility as your partner, you are taking a big step forward.

Local and regional governments

Local and regional governments
have to be durable and reachable at the same time. Everybody wants a smart, efficient, and durable mobility policy, but how do you get started? Which solutions do new technologies as self-driving vehicles, smart infrastructure, the Internet of Things… offer? Which impact does this have on spatial planning, our travel behavior, and parking needs?

Expertise Center Smart Mobility provides you with strategic advice, helps you choose the right technology and supports its implementation. In addition, we look for grants to financially support your projects. You can also count on us for project management. You can always contact us for trainings, workshops, and network events.

Mobility providers and technology companies

Mobility providers and technology companies
often need strategic advice to optimize their business plan. Through the interaction with other expertise centers within AMS, we can provide you with the right insights.

Besides that, we look for grants to financially support (new) products, services or testing tools in real life. You can also contact us for (management) trainings and workshops. Simultaneously, the AMS network offers the possibility to meet potential clients via network events, congresses, etc.

Advice & Customization

You can use our advice service or have solutions developed especially for your company, organization, city or town.

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Training and workshops

Provide your employees with new insights thanks to our training and workshops.

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An important objective of the Expertise Center Smart Mobility is the research on and/or development of innovative processes and methodologies in mobility. We use our own experience and expertise and also the knowledge from our wider network. 
Here you will find an overview of some of the finalized research projects on freight transport.



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