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The European Cornet project InnoQuality was a collaboration between 3 leading German research institutions and Centexbel. InnoQuality’s objective was to support interior textiles businesses with an Inno-Guide to optimize the innovation stream in these companies.

Type project IWT - Cornet
Project partners Centexbel, Forschungskuratorium Textil (DE), associatie DITF-MR (DE) en TFI (DE)
Duration April 01, 2014 - March 31, 2016


Interior textiles businesses are struggling to survive in Flanders in a very competitive market. These companies need to innovate faster and better. The companies have no shortage of ideas, but they have a hard time deciding which ideas they should develop into a product. The decision is almost always taken intuitively. As a consequence, often investments are made in the wrong projects. With InnoQuality we strive to professionalize this decision, as early as possible in the product development process of interior textiles companies.


In this project the InnoGuide was developed. This tool integrates sector-specific knowledge, knowledge from the past (specifically innovation projects gone wrong in Belgium and Germany) and general knowledge on the product development and innovation process.
In the project, prototypes of this InnoGuide were tested at companies that are part of the user group.

The InnoGuide will enable interior textiles companies to:

  1. detect as soon as possible the innovation projects with the highest potential;
  2. rationalize the product development process by deciding systematically rather than intuitively on investments in projects;
  3. increase the success ratio of the product development projects that investments are made in;
  4. drastically increase the competitiveness in a saturated market that struggles with fierce competition with low-wage countries.