Expertise-driven management program

Timing: <10 days

Does one of your teams or groups need an upgrade of management knowledge or management skills? At AMS, we help you to identify your needs and equip your teams with the right knowledge.

Our educational programs consist of two parts. First, our experts will transfer their knowledge in the chosen field of expertise. Secondly, the participants will bring in their professional expertise. A well-trained mediator will then help them to translate their individual ideas into valuable organizational knowledge, thus stimulating an upward spiral of meaningful and sustainable transformation.

We offer educational programs on varying topics such as organizational design, financial management and interpreting financial KPI’s, project management, design thinking etc.

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Deborah bogaert

Want to know more about Expertise-driven Management Program?

Déborah Bogaert

Phone: +32 3 265 47 80


Want to know more about Expertise-driven Management Program?