Organizational development & transformation programs

We codesign and deliver transformation programs in which we combine various types of interventions in order to reach your organizational goals. Transformation programs can be designed based on specific research, stakeholder interviews, internal case studies or simulations. Once they are set up, these programs may include specific stakeholder workshops, modules and lectures for selected groups of employees and the coaching and training of change agents within your organization by internal experts.

We partner up with the human resources and learning & development departments of your organization to design a sustainable development program and build internal capacity to facilitate the role-out to more/all employees.

As such, this is the nexus of our company specific offer, in which we combine and engage all of our state-of-the-art knowledge, research techniques, learning and development experience, teaching and coaching skills and as well as accommodation to provide an adequate answer to your transformation needs.

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Grant Thornton Belgium is part of Grant Thornton International, one of the world's largest networks of independent accounting and consulting firms. Together with AMS, they completed a leadership and innovation process with the focus on: - How can we adapt our services to tomorrow's businesses? - How can we ensure that we keep our employers on board and that we offer then enough challenges?

"AMS had already proven to be a reliable partner with both in-house and readily available external expertise. The intense coaching, the immaculate environment and the strong interaction between the academic part and the practical part proved to be, for the fourth time in a row, a huge added value for our city administration. The participants were provided with an academically founded, yet practice-oriented curriculum which resulted in more efficient and effective operations. The impact was thus not limited to the participants: the track proved to be an added value for the entire group and even for our customers." — Tom Braem, Consultant Social Administration @ City of Antwerp

Benchmark and development of SDG strategy

The Sustainable Transformation Lab is working with an internal team of Rosy Blue Blue to set up a strategic plan for the integration of the SDGs in their operations. We analyzed the current SDG strategy, developed a benchmark of SDG leaders, offered guidance on the stakeholder consultation and created the academic output for this case.

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Hoe boor je het innovatief potentieel in een bedrijf beter aan? Bij Aquafin werken ze sinds een jaar met vijftien innovatieversnellers, dieondertussen al even veel projecten in de pijplijn hebben zitten.

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