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Antwerp Management School develops programs custom-tailored to your company or organization. We focus on the organization as a whole, on specific teams and on the individual team members. On each of these levels we generate a positive impact on management and leadership.

Extensive expertise

A select team of knowledge experts and professors guarantees that the ambitious objectives are attained. The team is invariably supplemented with experienced ‘learning and development advisors‘ and coaches, relationship managers and service-oriented project leaders. Our personal approach and service means that we put your questions front and center, we invest in a long-term relationship and always vouch for our quality, service and results.


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Our specialties

Thanks to our expertise, we can offer numerous trajectories that give you a broader view and create a more profound experience. Trajectories consisting of management programs, keynotes, workshops and masterclasses on:

  • Development programs for next-generation leaders and managers
  • Managing and directing change
  • Cooperation in an international context
  • Individual leadership trajectories
  • Organization development & teambuilding
  • Design thinking & service design
  • Innovation, Business Design & Modelling
  • Business Leadership & Strategy
  • Managing from and in partnerships
  • Corporate venturing & innovation management
  • IT architecture & alignment
  • Master Consultancy Projects

“A team of 14 senior managers of 5 different nationalities that presents itself as a unit with a single vision and ‘guiding principles’. It seemed like an impossible task. However, the off-site project proposed by AMS turned out to be feasible after all and instead became a new reality with a tangible impact. The AMS team was visibly present at carefully chosen moments. This fostered openness and a spontaneous drive amongst the participants. More than ever, we are acutely aware of the values that will continue to guide us in our lives and careers, today and tomorrow.”
– Experience of Catherine Heyman
– HR Manager – Esterline Belgium

Why us?

  • Our programs are custom-tailored and developed for various types of companies as well as organizations in the public domain and the non-profit sector.
  • We cater perfectly to your specific needs, guaranteeing a relevant knowledge transfer and both short- and long-term results.
  • We do more than simply teach courses and impose programs. We offer a full customer experience of lifelong learning. Our programs and trajectories are a dynamic journey, created in a spirit of openness and dialogue so your organization can excel by realizing its ambitions.
  • We give you a clear insight into operational management and business development. Through our programs we carry out interventions, we offer a clear perspective on change on an organizational and individual level and we discuss various styles of leadership.
  • Our professors are chosen with the utmost care for their expertise within their field, their academic curriculum, their conceptual, distinctive and innovative insights and their passion for working with professionals, entrepreneurs and change agents.




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 Rick Groetelaers’ team will be happy to field your questions on custom-tailored solutions.

Contact: +32 3 265 46 15 – rick.groetelaers@ams.ac.be



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