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Our tailored solution story

Our custom-tailored learning and development services and solutions inspire, support and lever growth ambitions, business acumen and professional performance improvement. Antwerp Management School (AMS) interventions impact the managerial and leadership agility of the organization at large, specific teams and their respective individual members.

Our great ambitions are monitored and delivered by a strong and carefully selected team of knowledge experts and our faculty-facilitators in conjunction with experienced relationship managers, service-centered project owners and learning coaches.

The Company Tailored Solutions team aims at long-term cooperation with corporate clients and their organization, whether the demand is a more traditional expert-driven program, a strategic workshop or a long-lasting transformation trajectory. Management development and learning are the crucial services delivered in all our interventions.

All factors that contribute to the ultimate success of the learning and development process are defined through an intensive dialogue between the AMS team and the client. These factors include the specific expected deliverables, the balance between client/internal experts and AMS/external input, the format of the trajectory, the duration and intensity, blended learning and in-class share and learn, the level of individual learning coaching, the option for outdoor exercises, locations….

The strength of AMS is this ability to connect with the client’s specific business needs and expectations, both on the level of the organization and the individual associates.

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Our added value

In times of uncertainty, complexity and ongoing change, Antwerp Management School is your trusted advisor and learning partner to

  • offer support and create some order in the business context chaos, and prioritize strategic choices;
  • fuel the ambition to excel and always try harder as a condition to sustainable growth;
  • deepen and broaden conceptual insights to further improve the strategy process (formulation, planning and execution);
  • facilitate the translation of insights into business actions, initiatives, experiments, behavioral changes and leadership style;
  • create a learning and development community to anchor business knowledge, nurture the collective DNA and foster a learning culture;
  • support your future talent by understanding the need for exploiting current business and simultaneously exploring new opportunities.

By establishing strong client partnerships, AMS reaches out to the various actors in your firm that are involved in management development and learning: the CEO and the management team, the business managers and leaders, the HR team and the target audience (participants), each with their specific and often varying stakes in the business.
AMS heavily builds on the communality that binds the various actors by connecting with each of the stakeholders and engaging in strategic dialogue.


Based on a longstanding expertise we offer a suite of possible interventions such as:

✓ Strategy Workshops

for small and medium sized companies (SME’s), management teams, teams on a strategic business unit (SBU) level, geographical entities…
short-term intervention ( 1-2 days)

  • the strategy formulation, the strategic choices, strategy mapping
  • mission, vision, values

We provide support both on the levels of strategic dialogue and process facilitation.

✓ Expertise-driven Management Programs

The more traditional short or medium term programs, mostly domain or (functional/technical) expertise-related; skills-driven type of training programs; ranges from 2-3 days to several modules.

Targets a specific audience and level of associates ranging from junior experts and/or project professionals to middle management.

  • Conceptual deepening and broadening: models, recent theory developments, frameworks
  • Bring the expertise from the audience to the table
  • Combine, cluster and align conceptual thinking and business practice

✓ Next Generation Leader/Manager Development Programs

Specific trajectories for senior level professionals responsible for the business level strategy execution and the respective shared services/support staff collaborating with the business units.

High-level trajectories, exploring the sustainability of the firm’s future business model and how to imagine the future; combined with exploring the compatibility of individual ambitions and organizational leadership demands.

✓ Personal Leadership Tracks

Aims at higher individual and team performance.

A well-balanced mix of functional business understanding and operational/managerial skills.
Highly focused on the sense-making and sense-giving process in the team/organization and the role of the individual leader in this engagement process.

✓ Organizational development & transformation programs

A growing number of companies invest in longer term development, on an organizational learning level rather than individual short-term learning.

  • Learn to define coping strategies to tackle the global social, economic, political and organizational shifts
  • Understand the increasing impact of the macro shifts in market systems, business resources and organization systems
  • Imagine the firm’s future markets, products/services, operations; transform the way of working; question existing revenue models, venture new business and capture value
  • The tremendous technological revolution is forcing every organization, independent of size, scope, region, product or service, to search for a better adapted/adaptive business model
  • The quest for Leadership Agility

Organizational transformation trajectories benefit in a unique manner from the development process initiated by AMS as it stimulates the multiplier effect: such intensive development tracks allow early adaptors and change agents to stand out and initiate impactful and sustainable transformation within their own business environment and units, regions, plants…

Much more hidden but equally powerful is the process of fueling and shaping the collective memory of the firm, the corporate DNA, especially in companies with multiple departments, businesses, regions and locations. The goal is to look for what binds the professionals and their business entities rather than what divides the entities in the Group.

✓ Inspiring keynotes

Antwerp Management School is at the forefront of knowledge creation. Our expert faculty are scholars in their academic field but they are equally talented in bringing their message across to larger business audiences as authors, consultants, public opinion influencers and gifted keynote speakers. 



Unique Selling Points

  • Antwerp Management School takes the client’s content and context as its point of departure. Management Development and Learning Programs are designed from and rooted in the client’s specific business ecosystem. As a result, there is a tangible and relevant connection between the knowledge transfer and the company-tailored solutions we deliver.
  • We build long-term relationships based on a constructive association, with an open mind to learn and evolve together with our clients. Antwerp Management School truly believes in building trust through the sharing of knowledge. We do not merely instruct our clients/participants or force programs/knowledge upon them. Our programs and trajectories are a dynamic journey with that rare balance between give and take, push and pull. That is why we are able to get the best out of our client audiences. The destination is set in stone but the itinerary is not.
  • Our strongest USP is our community of expert faculty, all of whom were specifically selected for their domain expertise, their academic track record, up-to-date conceptual insights and a passion for working with business professionals, entrepreneurs and organizational change agents. Our faculty collaborating in the Company Tailored Solutions division also has a natural talent for facilitating, and strong consultative skills. They act as a sounding board with the objective of bringing the ideas and expertise of the client to the next level.
  • The Antwerp Management School team goes the extra mile in order to serve the stakeholders to the best of its ability possible and build a partnership based on mutual trust, which is a learning experience in and of itself.


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