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Innovative Labor Organization is not a matter of…
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Innovatieve arbeidsorganisatiegeen cosmetica 1
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Innovative Labor Organization is not a matter of cosmetics

Through this webinar you will be introduced to Antwerp Management School's master class Organization (re)design with Innovative Labour Organization (ILO). ILO is not a matter of cosmetics: quick fixes and done. It is a fundamental story: once you get into the methodology, there is no turning back.
But what exactly is behind the term Innovative Labour Organization and why should your company/organization adopt it? The answer is simple: because a well-developed ILO policy drastically improves the efficiency and sustainability of your company and the quality of your employees' jobs.

(This webinar is in Dutch.)
Peggy de prins phd
by Peggy De Prins, PhD | September 12, 2022
Innovatieve arbeidsorganisatiegeen cosmetica 1

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