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Well-being at Antwerp Management School

A spotlight on Antwerp Management School’s well-being initiatives

What's the deal with Work Well May?

At AMS, employee well-being is an essential component of our mission to create not just the best leaders of the world, but for the world. After all, humans need to feel good to be able to do good. And no ESG strategy is complete without a focus on well-being.

To us, well-being isn't just a concept discussed in meetings, programs or research. We actively engage in ongoing conversations with our employees, listening to their needs and concerns, to ensure that our workplace policies and initiatives support their physical, mental, and emotional health. By fostering a culture of well-being, we aim to enhance job satisfaction, productivity, and overall happiness among our workforce, because an organization can only be resilient when its people are thriving.

AMS wellbeing iniatives

IGLOO – more than just a cool name

To show you a bit more of how we “do” well-being at AMS, we invite you to join us on a month-long deep dive. Let us start by introducing our roadmap to workplace well-being: the IGLOO model.

The IGLOO model serves as a valuable framework for understanding the complexities of group dynamics within organizations. By exploring the dynamics at Individual, Group, Leader, and Organizational levels (get it?), this model clarifies how changes within one level are intrinsically linked to what goes on at other levels.


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Encover, engage and be inspired by our activities

Explore our Work Well May activities. From webinars to research events and networking, each experience is a window into our well-being journey.

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The path to successful well-being interventions

May 27th 2024, event, Antwerp Management School

According to a survey of 1000 managers and employees, roughly half of managers report not knowing how to support employees with mental health issues, while 53% of employees choose not to discuss mental health issues with their managers.

In light of these findings, join us on May 27th for the presentation of our 'Well-being Works' research, in collaboration with bpost, B-Tonic (subsidiary Baloise), and Elia. During this event, you’ll gain bottom-up insights into what managers themselves indicate they need to ensure well-being in their team. Discover where an organization can directly influence the well-being of its employees, and where that influence doesn't apply.

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Network with your peers at Grow & Connect

May 7th 2024, event, Antwerp Management School

Are you like us, constantly looking for learnings & inspiration on the latest evolutions in your field? Join us at the AMS Grow & Connect Day! Our experts help you explore topics like employee hapiness, in stimulating brainboost sessions. In addition, you are warmly invited to network with your peers and learn from each other's experiences. We'll highlight two HR-sessions:

  • Well-being & psychological safety

Our experts will happily tell you: psychological safety is a prerequisite for a healthy work-environment, boosting innovation as well as employee happiness. This workshop will explore how psychological safety is key to enhancing well-being and performance in organizations and teams.

  • The dark sides of HR

Explore the dark sides of work and organizations and learn how to effectively tackle them in this workshop. Engage in small group discussions and reflect on the conditions for open dialogue. Gain insights from a keynote based on the book from professor and senior researcher Peggy De Prins 'The Dark Side: What we don't talk about in the workplace'.

Grow connect Day

A well-being policy is more than fruit and yoga

May 22nd 2024, online, webinar

Ready to bridge the gap between intention and implementation in your organization's well-being initiatives? Join this webinar to learn how to involve managers effectively and ensure they execute initiatives as intended, optimize HR's role, and address resistance of employees.

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Give-a-day - Improve wheelchair accessibility with On Wheels

May 17th 2024 - in and around Antwerp

You cannot talk about wellbeing without focusing on inclusion. Accessibility is still a major challenge in our society, effectively making it harder (or sometimes even impossible) for people with mobility disabilities to participate in public and professional spaces. This is why our campus has been made fully accessible, to welcome all potential students and guests. In addition, we will be partnering with the Belgian non-profit Give a Day, to offer our employees the chance to donate a working day to help various social organizations.

On May 17th, we will be supporting On Wheels, an organization improving accessibility for people in wheelchairs. To achieve this, they aim to assess all possible locations in cities and towns so that accessibility information can be made available for free via their mobile application. On top of that, research indicates that employee happiness is boosted by finding meaning in their professional activities, so we all win by contributing!

Give a day on wheels

Our well-being journey doesn’t end in May, there’s more to come

Event - HR Challenge: heart vs chart - June 4th

Join our HR Challenge to debate the merits of intuition versus evidence-based approaches in people management.

Master Class - Sustainable HR - June 6th

Learn about sustainable HR practices, including career development, diversity, and inclusion, while crafting your future-proof HR strategy in this Master Class.

VIONA webinar - Impact of climate adaptation on the workfloor - June 11th

The Flemish Climate Adaptation Plan is preparing Flanders for climate change impact. Discover the implications on the labor market – from opportunities to challenges.

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