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The New Silk Road: Chinese-European chances

December 08, 2016 door Judith Buysse

In China, they have been planning for several years to develop a New Silk Road to Europe. Such trade route could mean that there will be a more intensive contact between Europe and China, which creates more space for investments. The future, however, remains unclear: Will this new plan work? We will…

One belt, one road: The New Silk Road

December 01, 2016 door Judith Buysse

Europe has grown because of the trade with the United States. A trade which was strongly…

Traffic-free shopping: it's possible!

December 01, 2016 door Judith Buysse

The rush hours on our roads have slowly become commonplace, especially in relation to the commute…

The mobility sector is constantly evolving. Multiple factors play a role in deforming or reshaping…

82% less car rides due to flexible working

November 29, 2016 door Judith Buysse

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