Master Class Change Management

This master class targets business managers who want to initiate and/or steer change processes as well as managers who want to coach and/or assist their employees during change processes.

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This program is taught in Dutch

About the program

 Strategic organizational change & transformation

A continuous improvement process or a radical shift? Regardless of the type of change your organization is facing, in this program you will be working on your own case. That enables you to directly apply what you learn and gradually see yourself and your organization grow.

But bear in mind: we do not promise you a ready-made template. That is simply not feasible in the current times. We do promise you a growing insight, which will allow you to make the right strategic choices. Because even if the final destination of your journey is not exactly clear yet: “Strategy is your current best guess. Strategic leadership your guide.”

This master class is composed of 3 modules. Every module takes three days and focuses on one specific question: who are we as an organization, where do we want to go and especially: how will we get there? You can register for the complete program or for separate modules.


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Learning objectives

Upon completion of this program:

  • you have acquired the conceptual knowledge of a Change Manager.
  • you can diagnose what is at stake in the organization and what needs to change.
  • you are capable of outlining a change strategy.
  • you know which change interventions are effective in which circumstances.
  • you are capable of setting in motion the different stakeholders.
  • you understand how a change momentum can be created/retained.
  • you know how you can play a leading part in the change process.


The following subjects will be handled:

Module I – Building an effective organization: WHO?

Before you get started with the change, you need to know how your organization works.

What are the main characteristics of your organization? Why is that? Where do we have room for improvement?

For a full overview you can download the brochure.


Module II – Setting and sailing a strategic course: WHERE TO?

Where do you want to take your organization? What needs to change in order to get there? Can you assess that upfront? And how do you make sure all your employees are sailing the same course?

Module III – Leading change: HOW?

Which obstacles do you need to overcome? What does the change process look like? How can your employees adjust to the challenges? And how do you enhance your organization’s ability to change to ensure more successful change in the future.



The ‘Change Management’ certificate will be awarded on successful completion of the course.

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Need advice in selecting the right program? I'm here to help.

Bruno Baert

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Bruno Baert

Need advice in selecting the right program?
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