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Master Class Change Management

Master Class Change Management - Overview


A continuous improvement process or a radical shift? Regardless of the type of change your organization is facing, the starting point in this program is your own business case. This approach will enable you to apply what you learn straight off and to witness the gradual growth of yourself as a person and of your organization. We cannot hand you a ready-made template, however, copy & paste simply doesn’t work anymore in nowadays world. What we can give you is a growing insight, so you can make the right strategic choices. After all, even if the final destination isn’t clear yet: “Strategy is your current best guess. Strategic leadership your guide.”

This Master Class is composed of three modules. Each module takes three days and focuses on one specific question: who are we as an organization, where do we want to go and, most importantly: how will we get there? You can register either for the full program or per module.

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Learning outcomes

At the end of this program, you will:

  • have acquired the conceptual knowledge of a change manager;
  • be able to diagnose your organization and set the right goals for change;
  • be able to devise a change strategy;
  • know which change interventions will work under which circumstances;
  • be able to activate your stakeholders;
  • understand how to create and maintain a change momentum;
  • know how to play a leading part in the change process.
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A question about this program?

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A question about this program?