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Different Through Misson Driven Design

Different Through Misson Driven Design

Mission of Antwerp Management School

Our mission statement speaks loud and clear:

Antwerp Management School is an international business school that helps its customers to create sustainable value by shaping talent into becoming Global Citizens, mastering the art of decision-making and leading people.

To accomplish this mission, Antwerp Management School delivers state-of-the-art management knowledge, anchored in a business and organizational context.

This is the fundamental basis on which we put three value pillars: self-awareness, global perspective and societal consciousness, that we believe are needed to become Global Citizens.

  • Self-awareness: knowing your own strengths and weaknesses is a true leader’s basis for success
  • A global perspective: an open mind and a global understanding enhance a leader’s grip on business issues, and results in better decision-making
  • Societal consciousness: tomorrow’s leaders need to lead sustainable businesses, conscious of their impact on society

We strongly believe that designing higher education programs without applying all 3 pillars and solely focusing on knowledge transfer would prevent you from realizing your full leadership potential.

EMBA design interpretation

The structure and contents of our EMBA mirrors the school’s mission. We not only deliver management knowledge, but also a Personal Development Program, coaching, deeply engaging international components (e.g. international immersion modules) and a community project, which are the building blocks required to become a Global Citizen who masters the art of decision-making and leading people.

Developing the whole individual on a professional and personal level, that is what the Executive MBA at AMS excels at. That’s why this EMBA is perfect for enthusiastic professionals who feel they are ready for the next step in their career or a complete career switch. Whatever the reason, the outcome is excellence.