Master Class Innovative Labor Organization

This Master Class offers you the perspectives that underlie the design of successful Innovative Labor Organizations.

Bruno Baert

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This program is taught in Dutch

About the program

In recent years, ‘The New Way of Working’ and ‘The Future of Work’ have been frequent topics for debate. But how do you implement innovative labor methods? In this program, in cooperation with Flanders Synergy, you learn how to help organizations to stay competitive and at the same time become a more attractive employer.

Learning objectives

After attending this program:

  • you are able to read the structure of an organization and point out possible weaknesses;
  • you are able to work out an integral plan of changes while paying attention to the structure as well as the process of change;
  • you are able to assist an organization with their change from functional to process-directed;
  • you are able to draw up an ideal team structure fit for the organization;
  • you are more effective, while having better insights: you make logical choices with respect for structure, culture, people and systems.


  • Why and how to organize differently? Framing of labor organization and the need for different organization.
  • Effects of organizing differently: integral (re)design, thinking and doing.
  • “The New Way of Working” is more than “furniture, fads and fashion”.
  • About lean and human policies: the impact of “The New Organization” on employees.
  • Networking and social capital: insight in underlying organization and employers. Principles of effective teamwork.
  • Strategy and leadership; organizing differently is learning how to lead differently.

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Profile of past editions





Average age



  • Economic profile: 24%
  • Legal profile: 8%
  • Social profile: 5%
  • Psychological/pedagogical profile: 5%
  • Paramedic profile: 2%
  • Engineering profile: 2%
  • Other: 54%


Average highest diploma obtained: Master




You will be awarded a certificate for actively attending the course. If you pass, you will be awarded the certificate ‘Master Class Innovative Labor Organization’. Besides that, you get the Flanders Synergy certificate for passing the individual final piece.

Target audience

This course is designed for:

  • Senior consultants & organizational advisors
  • Change Managers & Change Agents
  • HR Managers
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