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Mission of the Expertise Center

This Expertise Center emerged from the former Flanders Inshape and Next Generation Industry. We intend to transform ‘out-of-date’ industrial activities into innovative and sustainable industries. We still strive for a better customer experience and successful growth in order to improve your company’s competitive position.

Business Design & Innovation develops competencies and tools for product and service development, design and design management for B2C and B2B businesses in a variety of sectors. The user is always the source and inspiration for innovation. Through scientific and applied research, the knowledge platform supports businesses from a variety of sectors in their search for new business models. On top of that, the knowledge and competencies help businesses to gear their innovation towards different technological, economic and societal trends. The renewed expertise center guarantees a diversified approach, taking into consideration the company’s knowledge level and adoption capacity.

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Business Design & Innovation Toolbook

Transform to a more successful business model

We develop strategic tools (under creative commons) to guide companies in their transformation to a more successful business model. 

Our list of tools is fairly comprehensive and includes the most used and useful instruments to be applied during the design process, around the following themes:

  • Research method
  • Analysis
  • Research result
  • Facilitation technique

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We develop knowledge and knowhow, applied tools and techniques based on research for companies, public organizations, governments, etc.

  • Research project: Industry 4.0.

    Rendering companies future-proof with a focus on innovation and value creation.

    More info

  • Research project: Internal levers for PSS

    Value creation in Flemish companies by developing service components. Internal levers for product service systems.

    More info

  • Research project: Spark

    Realizing a responsive ICT platform that uses the potential of Spatial Augmented Reality to support and increase cooperative thinking in the designing process.

    More info

  • Research project: Valerie

    Value Based Pricing. Not in a classic way – as a last step, but in a proactive way, starting from product development.

    More info

  • Research project: Tripod

    In an increasingly competitive market, design is a strategic way to improve innovation and creativity for companies who are concerned about their evolution and growth.

    More info

  • Research project: Exponential Academy

    We encourage enterprises towards transformation and youth towards entrepreneurialism. Always looking for new opportunities and added value for mankind and society. Thanks to technology and revolutionary businessmodels, todays world changes exponentially, no matter if we want it to or not.

    More info


We share knowledge with a broad audience by organizing different events and programs. You can also count on us for fitted advice and coaching for your company, an audit on design management, service design, product development and design strategy, or we can come to you for a lecture or workshop.





  • Maka De Lameillieure, Director Competence Centers
    +32 56 28 28 50 / Mail / LinkedIn
  • Remco Lenstra, Program Manager Knowledge Tranfer
    +32 498 919 497 / Mail / LinkedIn
  • Marianne Verkest, Project Administrator
    +32 56 28 28 50 / Mail / LinkedIn
  • Roel De Rijck, Business Innovation Coach
    +32 477 57 58 31 / Mail / LinkedIn
  • Andries Reymer, Business Innovation Coach
    +32 472 27 75 04 / Mail / LinkedIn
  • Martine Anthuenis, Communication Manager Spark-project
    +32 476 86 00 28 / Mail / LinkedIn
  • An Cosaert, Innovation Expert
    +32 473 54 04 75 / Mail / LinkedIn
  • Wim Coreynen, Researcher ‘Next Generation Industry’
    +32 3 265 5081 / Mail / LinkedIn
  • Philippe Martens, Design Management Coach
    +32 498 91 94 94 / Mail / LinkedIn
  • Arjen Van Witteloostuijn, PhD
    Mail / LinkedIn

An Cosaert
Innovation Expert

Andries Reymer
Business Innovation Coach

Arjen Van Witteloostuijn

Maka De Lameillieure, PhD
Director Competence Centers

Marianne Verkest
Project Administrator

Martine Anthuenis
Communication Manager Spark Project

Paul Matthyssens
Dean of Antwerp Management School

Philippe Martens
Design Management Coach

Remco Lenstra
Academic Director Business design & Innovation

Roel De Rijck
Business Innovation Coach

Wim Coreynen
Researcher "Next Generation Industry"


White Paper Product-Service Systemen

White paper on knowledge and tools in the field of product and service development.


Business design & innovation toolbook

The most used and convenient instruments to apply during the design proces.


Product service system implementation tool

Download the Product-Service-Systems Strategic Rollout Toolkit.



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