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Melexis is a global supplier of micro-electronic semiconductor solutions and stands for engineering that enables the best imaginable future - a future which is safe, clean and comfortable. All of these
aspects are reflected in the applications that our technology empowers.

Françoise Chombar: "As a learning organization it is important to know what the best and most
advanced tools are to support and stimulate your people and your teams. When I heard about the new neuroscience concept, I immediately noticed the similarities in the way Antwerp Management School and Melexis look at learning organizations."

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The chair’s proposition is unique as it combines neuroscience, organizational behavior research, leadership development practice, (wearable) technology and cross-cultural contexts. It will generate thought leadership on the path towards sustainable high-performance teams and organizations.

Therefore, it aim is to study and optimize performance and well-being in organizations by implementing organizational and individual strategies to ethically collect and systematically study biometrical data, wisely using the data for the benefit of sustainable, organizational performance, while safeguarding individual and social well-being.

As a partner, we guide you on your process to grow into a High Performance Organization via our solid offer.

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Each year one internal coach/expert can be trained to use the lab, implement the chair findings and know-how in their organization and integrate neuro-insights in leadership development and coaching programs. In addition, the partner can assess 5 leaders in the lab.

Influencing Policy and Practice

Active contribution to a research agenda that is vital for society, to stimulate sustainable economic activity while safeguarding health. participation in a think tank to help positively influence organizational excellence, ethical practice and well-guided policy

Management Team Challenge

Participating in a unique top team assessment combining the observations of competencies and measurement of biometric indicators during a crisis simulation game demonstrating the value of leadership and teamwork.

Knowledge Gathering

Active participation in intervention studies, positively influencing the health and performance of individual contributors and managers, while gathering data to steer organizational policy and development.

Building Social Capital

Forum for a network of experts representing pioneering organizations, start-ups, academia, and government who work on the cross-section of organizational health, performance and technology.

Leadership Development

Participate in two new development programs to be set up at Antwerp Management School,to develop competencies associated with high- performance leaders, teams and organizations.


Associate market and employer brand with innovative science, practice and ethics of performance and well-being.

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