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Getting everyone on board with digitization in the workspace

The main goal of this research project is to develop a roadmap for small to medium size organizations on their way to digitization, providing clear tools for leadership and HR managers to make sure that everyone in the organization is supported and empowered throughout the process.

Type project Qualitative research project: interviews and focus groups with the end goal of developing a tool to be used by leadership, managers and HR in small organizations
Project partners Skilliant (Syntra West Vlaanderen) Sirris, POM West Vlaanderen, COBOT, Woodwize
Duration November 01, 2020 - April 30, 2023
Contact person Annebeth Bels, PhD

Recent events like the covid crisis have accelerated digitization across sectors, and even small organizations are making important steps towards innovation. However, whether new technology becomes a successful part of an organization is largely dependent on the human factor. The main goal of this research project is to map how small to medium organizations can better support their people in adopting this new level of digitization, and what skills are needed towards the future.

Digitization in the workspace

Maximizing the positive impact of digitization: a 360° view and roadmap

This research project builds on the experiences of managers as well as employees in small organizations going through digital innovation, to create a 360° overview of the common pitfalls and unmissable opportunities of this process. By combining and contrasting these viewpoints, the research provides a fresh perspective on the subject. The gathered insights are used to develop a roadmap to help managers and HR professionals identify what steps they can take to maximize the positive impact of digitization for their employees. The roadmap will focus on change management, communication strategy and learning opportunities, making sure employees are included throughout the process wherever possible.

The project starts out with desk research to create an overview of what is already known on the subject of digitization and its impact on small organizations and their employees. This is followed by 12 in-depth interviews with managers in small organizations who have (some) experience with introducing digital innovation. Subsequently, we set up four focus groups with employees as well as managers in these types of organizations. The gathered data are used to develop a first draft of the roadmap to help organizations towards digitization. This tool is then tested with the target audience, and revised if necessary. Finally, as a last step the tool will be put into practice to coach and assist one hundred small to medium size organizations.

Empowering small organizations for digital innovation: Practical tools for success

The final aim of the project is the development of practical, accessible tools that allow CEOs, managers and HR professionals to identify the unique opportunities and pitfalls that are associated with introducing digital innovation in small to medium size organizations. The tool should seamlessly fit into the busy schedule of the target audience by quickly guiding the user to key takeaways and simple next steps.


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