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Next generation work


In partnership with SD Worx

When the SD Worx Chair ‘Next Generation Work: Creating Sustainable Careers’ was first launched in 2011, it was still unclear whether anyone even cared about sustainable careers. Meanwhile, ‘sustainable careers’ has become an established concept among policy makers, social partners, employers, and employees. Instead of questioning the need for a sustainable career policy, the question is now how to determine the most suitable approach. Together, we are exploring what a sustainable career policy should encompass to truly contribute to organizational results and facilitate sustainable employability.

The guiding principle of our collaboration is the conviction that, to arrive at sustainable solutions for working longer, increasing long-term absenteeism due to sickness, talent scarcity and deployment, we need a different view on careers and labor organization. Our partnership means thinking outside of the box and focusing on initiatives such as career transitions, co-sourcing, and flexible talent management. We investigate how to make organizations flexible and adaptive in a rapidly changing context through optimal talent deployment.

With the support of Janssen & Argenta