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Road to Growth

Business Design & Innovation

Road to Growth

Guidance process for every ambitious entrepreneur who wants to reinforce their business

Type project Research project
Project partners Unizo, Graydon, VLAIO
Duration January 05, 2016 - January 05, 2020

Guidance process for every ambitious entrepreneur who wants to reinforce their business

An entrepreneur makes decisions daily, makes choices and monitors where necessary. That sounds simpler than it actually is. At a given time, every entrepreneur is faced with one or more challenges. During those moments, it is important to resort to experts who can help you in this situation.

Road to Growth is a customized guidance process for ambitious entrepreneurs who are faced with these kinds of turning points in their entrepreneurship, and who want to grow in what they do and how they do it.

During three intensive conversations, we make a transparent analysis of your business: the current situation and the new challenges. Based on that information, we look into the strong and less strong points of your entrepreneurship and your business. Afterwards, we will draw up a plan of action to continue your entrepreneurship successfully. Thanks to the expertise of UNIZO, Graydon, Antwerp Management School* and external experts, we are able to set up a strong, individual guidance process. The average lead time is about three to four months, which allows you to implement your action points at a quick pace.

Not “one size fits all”, every guidance process is different and provides different results for every entrepreneur!

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Brochure: https://www.unizo.be/sites/default/files/unizo_roadtogrowth_bat.pdf

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