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With the TransMob project we researched how single payment systems can improve mobility.

Type project Mobility of people
Project partners Anyways, Athlon Car Lease, BAM, Becharged, GAPA, Kapsch CarrierCom, KULeuven, Magic view, Skidata, Stad Antwerpen, Transport & Mobility Leuven, Traject, Touring, UGent
Duration June 01, 2014 - December 31, 2016
Contact person Sara Bastiaensens, PhD


More and more, we combine the use of the car with the bicycle or public transport, for commuter traffic as well as leisure travel. But if we want to use multimodal travel today, we are confronted with all sorts of obstacles, such as the different payment systems needed for one journey.

Mobiliteitsdata Transmob


Single payment systems via mobility cards or smartphone applications can stimulate a smart use of mobility: with one card or app the user can park, buy a train or bus ticket, use a shared bicycle or shared car, etc.

Project Development

To find out which information is needed to make us travel smarter, 500 people allowed us to trace them for 10 days via an app, while they indicated which means of transportation they were using.


  • With one payment system, the user can park, change from the train to the bus, or to an (electric) shared bicycle or shared car.
  • Thanks to the card registration, the transport provider can better assess which means of transportation to use depending on time and volume.
  • A thorough analysis on the possibilities of mobility data for transport planning, marketing, etc. for companies, organization and knowledge institutions.


The data the panel sent through demonstrated that commuters can indeed be an important source of information to map out the mobility in a certain area. For example, it showed that journeys under 12 kilometers in the direction of the center of Antwerp during morning rush hour are quicker by bicycle.
The data also offer unique insights into multimodal travel, enabling transport planners, cities, transport providers, parking companies etc. to better align their services with the users’ needs.

This project had the financial support of the agency for innovation and entrepreneurship

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Sara bastiaensens phd

A question about this project?

Function Senior researcher at the expertise center “Next Generation Work”
Sara bastiaensens phd

A question about this project?