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With the Vebimobe project we researched whether it was possible to update the Flemish traffic sign database via traffic sign recognition, integrated in modern cars and smart cameras. We also researched whether the traffic sign database could serve as a basis for the integration of speed cards and sustainability cards in vehicles.

Type project mobility of people and freight transport
Project partners GIM, UGent, Volvo Car, MOW, BIVV, bpost, HR Groep, Geckomatics
Duration November 03, 2014 - May 30, 2017
Contact person Sara Bastiaensens, PhD


Every year 30% of all fatal traffic accidents and 15% of all traffic injuries in Flanders are caused by excessive speed. However, it is perfectly possible to equip vehicles with software that limits excessive speed and directs freight transport to more sustainable routes. Even better: the most important building block for these two measures is available: the Flemish traffic sign database.


By building speed cards and sustainability cards into vehicles, drivers will automatically get advice on maximum speed and sustainable routes. The speed advice can be purely informative, but it can also take forced action on the engine to avoid excessive speed.

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Project Development

During this project Smart Mobility carried out tests with a prototype of a sustainable navigation system. The system proposed routes based on the signage along the roads. Based on the results an impact study was elaborated, as well as a business model for the ITS use of data from the traffic sign database.


  • Dynamically adding structural data to the traffic sign information can optimize traffic flows.
  • This information can also be used to analyze driving behavior for fleet managers and insurance companies.
  • Additionally, the use of the speed card leads to lower fuel consumption, lower emissions and safer behavior in traffic.
  • By integrating sustainability cards, transport companies are presented with routes that take into consideration residential areas and school areas. This will avoid them going through school areas when many children are on their way to or from school.


With the Vebimobe project we demonstrated it is possible to update the traffic sign database via traffic sign recognition, integrated in modern cars and smart cameras. Depending on the applications the sensors can be used to detect changes in the infrastructure and transfer those to the database. With this information speed cards and sustainability cards can be set up.
The project results also revealed that when the traffic sign database is up-to-date, it can make an essential contribution to more road safety, but also play an important role in the roll-out of autonomous vehicles in Flanders.

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Sara bastiaensens phd

A question about this project?

Function Senior researcher at the expertise center “Next Generation Work”
Sara bastiaensens phd

A question about this project?