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Shared Leadership as strategy of the future

How do I gain leadership within my organization? It seems to be a simple question, yet at the same time it's like opening Pandora's box. Leadership is one of the most researched topics in management literature, which illustrates the importance as well as the illusiveness of it. The dominant theories are leader-centered, focused on a single moment in time, and unaffected by context.

In this blogpost, we advocate for a more integrated and strategic view on leadership. To do so, we focus on the concept of shared leadership as the strategy of the future. This recent theory of leadership is strongly on the rise, has empiric evidence and regards process and function as well as behavior.

Beware! 4 traps for innovation among SMEs

Is your SME in the doldrums? You long for innovation, but all your efforts seem to be going nowhere. Achieving innovation in an SME is not easy, but you may be unintentionally making it difficult for yourself. Maybe you've fallen into one of these traps. Antwerp Management School can help you get around these obstacles.

Alain Beyens succeeds Christian Leysen as Chairman of Antwerp Management School

Alain Beyens is CEO of the Pelican Rouge Group (www.pelicanrouge.com) and was formerly active at StarBev and Anheuser-Busch InBev. Alain is a sales engineer by training, and followed the PPB program (now Executive MBA) at the IPO (Institute for Postgraduate Education, the forerunner of the current AMS).

Onboarding Days Full-time Masters

Our new students have arrived! September 12th, 2016 our brand new students for the Full-time Masters program officially began their adventure, in the form of “Onboarding Days”. In this interactive three-day session, they become closely acquainted with the school and our values, and experience for themselves what those values mean.

Executive MBA

You have a burning ambition to grow and make a positive contribution? You aspire an impactful and/or international career? You need a flexible, high-quality education? Discover the AMS Executive MBA (EMBA).