Start To Lead

In the Start To Lead program, we develop your attitude as a young professional who wishes to lead and enhance your impact in your organization.

Bruno Baert

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This program is taught in Dutch

About the program

This master class is not like any other leadership training. We take things a step further. Or rather: a step back. Because before we teach you all sorts of management skills, you will discover your own, unique leadership DNA. Indeed, you need to know exactly what leadership is and what your personal role is before you can find out which skills you need. This allows you to create the right leadership mentality and to understand which claims you can make within your personal context.

Start to Lead is therefore a personal journey, starting from within yourself and your professional framework. You will experience an efficient and powerful growth spurt and lay a solid foundation for your further career as a successful leader. In a word: this equilibrium between personal development and intensive skills training gives you the necessary handles and tools to actively claim your role as a leader within your organization.

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Learning objectives

After completing this program:

  • you know the do’s and don’ts of leadership today within organizations;
  • you have developed a leader’s mindset that allows you to take up leadership in your own environment and career;
  • you have strengthened your capacity to mobilize your team and stakeholders for your project;
  • yu have established a clear plan for the next steps for leadership in your organization.




This course is aimed at young professionals with a minimum work experience of 3 years, either in a first management position or with a specific ambition to take lead of a team or a group.


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Need advice in selecting the right program? I'm here to help.

Bruno Baert

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Bruno Baert

Need advice in selecting the right program?
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