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Academic Partnership of the Demography Fund

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Academic Partnership of the Demography Fund

Academic support for the group of experts of the Demography Fund, consisting of literature study, case-study and analysis, tool development, workshop support.

Type project Sustainable HR
Project partners Essenscia and three trade unions
Duration September 01, 2019 - December 01, 2024
Contact person Peggy De Prins, PhD

Problem description

With the creation of the Demography Fund, the chemical, plastics and life sciences industry finances concrete projects to maintain and improve workability in the industry, with regards to demographic challenges and the consequences of the extension of working life. To this effect, the fund will spend part of the available gross salaries (rather than converting it into direct increase of purchasing power) on projects within the companies to promote workable work. Mid 2016 a group of experts was appointed to support the substantive start and the roll-out of the demography fund in the sector. This group of experts consists of 4 people: 1 ACLVB, 1 ACV, 1 ABVV and 1 Essenscia. The experts will receive the guidance of our academic expertise.


Our academic support consists of providing substantive frameworks, jointly drawing up approved texts, mapping out and following up on best practices, providing inspiring cases, organizing workshops….


The demography fund is a pioneering project. It is the first joint initiative on sustainable careers and workable work. It is an example of social innovation and emphasizes the importance of the theme for the social dialogue of the future at industry level as well as company-level. The academic follow-up and monitoring of this project is a nice and interesting win-win for all parties.


  • Providing clear substantive frameworks
  • Inspiration through best practices and examples
  • Providing an academic contact person
  • Co-creation on new joint themes

In this partnership, we use - amongst others - our expertise in the House of Work Ability. Click here to download the white paper (Dutch only).

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Function Academic director Master in Strategic Human Resource Management, researcher ‘Next Generation Work'
Peggy de prins phd