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With the ICOMflex project we wanted to support the supply and demand of teleworking possibilities in Flanders, on the one hand, by creating an awareness on the possibilities offered by teleworking and, on the other, by providing the methods and knowledge needed to practically introduce flex work.

Type project Mobility of people
Project partners Antwerp Management School, Finpower, Flanders Synergy, IMOB
Duration August 24, 2013 - November 30, 2016
Contact person Bart Cambré, PhD


Not nearly enough people in Flanders use the ever more extensive possibilities of working anytime and anyplace. On the one hand there is a lack of awareness, but there is also the issue that many organizations don’t see the possibilities for working anytime/anyplace. Doubts also still remain on the side of the suppliers: the creation of centers for flex work requires substantial investments. On top of that, determining the right business model is not easy.


With the ICOMflex project, which stands for ‘Innovative Concepts for Organization and Mobility: places for flex work and the organization of “the new way of working”, Smart Mobility and project partner Flanders Synergy offered their support both to suppliers of and parties interested in teleworking.

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Project Development

During the course of the project we went to companies to promote work that is independent of time and place. Simultaneously, we developed new knowledge and instruments that support other companies during the implementation, such as a readiness cockpit and a development plan. Additionally, we researched what the best places are for telework centers so as to maximize the impact on mobility.


  • Employee: more flexibility, less time lost in traffic, better work-life combination.
  • Employer: less costs (less parking space and office material), greater employee satisfaction.


With ICOMflex the following results were obtained:

  • Overview of the flex workplaces offered in Belgium
  • White paper feasible business models for the exploitation of flex workplaces.
  • Report impact of flex working on mobility
  • Flex work scan
  • White paper flex work
  • IAO Development plan

This project had the financial support of the agency for innovation and entrepreneurship

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Bart cambre

A question about this project?

Function Associate dean of Research and Valorization, professor of business research methods and organizational networks
Bart cambre

A question about this project?