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Welt: Agile Careers for All Talents

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Welt: Agile Careers for All Talents

Welt is committed to a future-oriented HR policy. Through analysis, expertise and exchanging experiences, we set out to create and facilitate optimal sustainable careers within companies. That is how you help all your talents unlock their full potential!

Type project ESF project call 500 – Inclusieve ondernemingen
Project partners Voka (promotor) and Jobroad
Duration October 01, 2020 - December 31, 2022

With the financial support provided by the European Social Fund.

Our modern economic environment, in which digital skills, flexible work and diversity are central, requires an appropriate HR policy. The challenges for companies' HR policies are mainly in the areas of:

  • The search for talent and tackling labor shortage: How to find the right talent?
  • How to attract suitable candidates?
  • Job destruction and job creation: in part, there is a lack of learning culture in companies and among employees, but there is also a fragmentation of measures, stopping entrepreneurs from finding their way through the vast range of programs.
  • Issues of employability and retention: How to ensure sustainable employment of your current employees? How to encourage lifelong learning among your current employees and design career policies?
  • A changing way of (digital) working and learning: How to digitally empower your current staff?
  • Labor market segmentation: companies are facing the challenge of finding their way in a multiplicity of actors, (support) measures and tools toward the right services, employees, or training and / or guidance programs. An inclusive organizational culture requires taking a broad view, covering several domains.
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Get insights and tailor-made advice about your HR and training policy

In a Welt trajectory, you will get insights and tailor-made advice about your HR and training policy. You will discover opportunities for new inflow, and you will be able to share experiences with other companies.

Welt is committed to creating and facilitating sustainable careers in your company. We do this by developing an inclusive HR policy. Inclusion is more than just a diverse workforce. It is about how strongly your employees feel that they can belong and contribute to your company. By taking that into account in terms of strategy, culture and management style, your company can grow into an innovative, competitive, and agile organization.

The key pillars of Welt are:

  • Strategy & culture (working on self-awareness & self-criticism)
  • Leadership (managerial support of employees)
  • Workability (accessibility of the company)
  • Future-oriented (flexibility and openness of the company)

Within these pillars, there is plenty of room for a wide range of specific HR topics. The trajectories always start from the needs of the company. Participation in the Welt program is completely free and suitable for companies from all industries.

Run a first scan of your HR policy

As of 2021 you will be able to run a first scan of your HR policy via the Voka website. This scan is designed by Antwerp Management School and will assess the current level of your company’s inclusiveness. You will receive a report with interesting insights that will allow you to complete the Welt trajectory (including an extensive scan, developing an action plan, sessions with other companies and coaching by experts).

  • You will receive a qualitative, free HR scan that will give you a clear picture of the opportunities.
  • You will be part of a learning network where knowledge and practical experiences will be exchanged with other participants.
  • You will identify opportunities and get practical tools for the development of a sustainable and inclusive HR policy.
  • You will learn how your HR policy can respond to economic and social disruptions to strengthen your business.
  • You will have access to an inflow of new talent through JobRoad's local partner network.
  • You can contact experts for individual coaching during the roll-out of your tailor-made action plan.
  • You will build an accessible company culture and agile teams where people love to work.

Inspire companies to work on their HR policy

The aim of the project is to inspire companies to work on their HR policy. We do so by organizing information sessions where companies can also run the light scan. This is followed by the launch of collective and individual trajectories. The participating companies will get to work with a tailor-made action plan. By bringing together the right mix of companies, gathered around the same challenge or problem, we encourage companies to share knowledge and experiences. In this way, they are also triggered to take their action plan to the next level. This program is offered by all Voka chambers.



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White paper - Agile Careers for All Talents

What can you do to ensure that existing talent stays with your company tomorrow?

Read the white paper (in Dutch)..