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Mobilotoop was Design Platform Vlaanderen’s first crossover project. It was a large scale, concrete project with several activities in different regions, that involved all target groups and lead to tangible results. It had to inspire – show potential via future scenarios with tangible concepts and prototypes – as well as initiate knowledge exchange and contacts between industry, designers, knowledge centers, schools and a broad public.

Type project With the support of Vlaamse overheid en Agentschap Ondernemen, afdeling Economisch Ondersteuningsbeleid
Project partners Flanders Inshape, Design Hub Limburg, Vlaams Instituut voor Mobiliteit, IntraStructures and Pantopicon.
Contact person Sara Bastiaensens, PhD

What will urban mobility look like in the future?

Urban mobility in the future

The Mobilotoop project tried to create an image of how urban mobility could like in the future (2020-2050). Several scenarios were presented to a large group of experts from different disciplines. The ultimate goal was to develop a prototype for a vehicle, surrounding services and infrastructure.

Open design

The Open Design philosophy was the starting point. Designers give permission to openly share their designs with others, who can freely produce and adjust them to share them with others. From this perspective Mobilotoop provides the consumer with the tools to design and produce solutions. It opens up a world of opportunities, for designers as well as for the industry and the public sector.


The results of Mobilotoop were exhibited at C-mine in Genk (fall 2013-spring 2014) and have also been compiled in a nice publication. The result of one year of intensive labor with a diverse group of people. This knowledge diversity contributed to the strength of this project. Experts shared their knowledge and experience to inspire designers, who translated it into potential solutions for the future.

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Sara bastiaensens phd

A question about this project?

Function Senior researcher at the expertise center “Next Generation Work”
Sara bastiaensens phd

A question about this project?