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Mission of the expertise center

The Leadership expertise center pioneers authentic and shared leadership of leaders, teams and organizations since 2011. We are a group of researchers and teachers who develop knowledge and inspire a network of organizations who innovate their leadership. We do that through exclusive labs, leader dialogues and gatherings. We work with more than 1.500 leaders yearly in Belgium and abroad.

Main activities
  • To put authentic and shared leadership on the agenda of organizations and society.
  • To do practical and related academic research about the what’s and who’s of leadership development.
  • Be a thought-leader and trendsetter in leadership development in Belgium.
  • To be an intersection in the international network for academic leadership-research.
  • To inspire a network of alumni, leaders and practitioners for the state-of-the-art leadership development.
  • The Leader’s Clothes: 19 insights into leadership
  • TFLI (The Future Leadership Initiative) Connect: a community of leadership experts, leaders and organizations. 

Cocreate with us

Leadership Research

For organizations wanting to develop evidence-based tailor-made leadership practices or wanting to critically reflect on existing practices.

The expertise center defines the applied research with the customer. In a first phase the research project is defined in terms of questions and outcomes. This phase leads to a detailed budget and planning. The research itself can be qualitative and/or quantitative and ad hoc or longitudinal. In the last phase of the project the results are shared and discussed for further implications.

Our current research projects:


Leadership development in the care sector

The care sector is in structural change because of e.g. budget restrictions, increased demand and policies. There is a need for integration of care services into networks and talent management. These changes demand leadership. With this research we want to map out how leadership is developed in the care sector today. This can help to prioritise and focus efforts in leadership development.

Researchers: Dr. Sofie Rogiest,  Koen Marichal (AMS)

Think tank with representatives of the sector.
Topics: leadership development, leadership in care


The new deal for leaders

What remains of leadership in organizations that implement self-directed collaboration? And how do you develop the existing leadership staff during the implementation of self-directed collaboration? These are the research questions in a project of Flanders Synergy, The Future Leadership Initiative and K.U.Leuven that will take three years (2015-2017).

Researchers: Koen Marichal (AMS), Seth Maenen (Flanders Synergy)
Promotor: Dr. Jeroen Stouten, K.U.Leuven
Project leader: Dr. Karen Wouters (Flanders Synergy & AMS)
Topics: leadership development, empowering leadership, leadership structure, leader identity


From middle manager to middle leader

Middle managers must no longer solely implement the strategy of senior management but also come up with alternative strategies themselves. They should transform managers into leaders. This longitudinal study examines whether the Master Class for Middle Managers program is making this happen.

Researchers: Prof. Dr. Jesse Segers, Daan Sorgeloos

Topics: development , leadership , identity , middle managers

The role of the leader in the type of team ambidexterity

This study investigates the influence of cognitive , emotional and behavioral characteristics of the manager on the way he/she organizes the team to function in an ambidextrous way. An ambidextrous team is both efficient and innovative.

Researcher: Nele Cannaerts
Directors: Prof. Dr. Jesse Segers, Prof. Dr. Paul Matthyssens
Topics: Ambidexterity, Teams, Leadership


Distributed leadership: the dynamics of balancing leadership with followership

We are preparing two contributions for the book “Distributed leadership: The dynamics of balancing leadership with followership”, edited by Dr. Neha Chatwani, to be published in 2017 by Palgrave. One contribution will be the theoretical exploration of shared leadership and organizational structure. The other contribution will report the results of research about the impact of the implementation of shared leadership on the identity of the vertical leaders.

Researchers: Dr. Jesse Segers, Drs. Koen Marichal

Topics: shared leadership, leader identity, leadership development, organizational structure


Leadership Development – our programs

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Anne Lemaire

Daan Sorgeloos

Jesse Segers
Associate Dean of Education & Academic Director The Future Leadership Initiative

Karen Wouters

Katrien Nuyts

Koen Marichal
Leadership Development / co-Director TFLI

Olivia Teetaert
Director Leadership Programs

Sofie Rogiest
Researcher The Future Leadership Initiative


For organizations who place leadership at the heart of their strategy:

  • develop strategic leadership through state-of-the-art action research
  • determine and support strategic research on leadership;
  • get access to the latest developments on leadership;
  • participate in the community of leadership researchers, experts and developers;
  • get access to the network of organizational leaders;
  • realize the ambition of the expertise center together with the other partners.

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