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The Leadership Expertise Center has been pioneering authentic and shared leadership of leaders, teams and organizations since 2011. We are a group of researchers and lecturers who develop knowledge and inspire a network of organizations through exclusive labs, leader dialogues and gatherings. Every year we work with over 1,500 leaders in Belgium and abroad.

Main activities of the Expertise Center

  • Put authentic and shared leadership, and leadership development on the agenda of organizations and society.
  • Perform practical and relevant academic research on leadership development.
  • Be a thought leader and trendsetter in leadership development in Belgium.
  • Be the active center in an international network for academic research on leadership.
  • Inspire a network of alumni, leaders and people from the industry for state-of-the-art leadership development.


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March 03, 2018
Inspiration Day 2018

On March 3, it will be our pleasure to help you determine the course of your professional journey. Come to our Inspiration Day and take the free...


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June 11, 2017
Antwerp Management School launches podcast series ‘Leadership is everywhere’

Met de podcast 'Leiderschap is overal' laat Antwerp Management School het brede publiek proeven van hun kijk op leiderschap.


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