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The Leader’s Clothes – 19 insights into leadership

In 2013, ‘The Leader in the Mirror (De leider in de spiegel)’ was published. The book quickly became a bestseller for anyone interested or specialized in leadership. The book’s honest approach, combined with its inspiring stories and up-to-date research, was a source of inspiration to many. Four years on, ‘The Leader’s Clothes (De kleren van de leader)’ is due to be published. Again, we are presented with 19 different perspectives combined with recent research and new testimonies. But just how does this book differ from its predecessor? Read about it in this blog post.

‘The Leader’s Clothes’

Short summary

The authors share stories of leaders who inspire their companies. They combine them with the latest leadership research, which leads them to 19 insights. ‘The Leader’s Clothes’ urges us to reflect, discuss and make choices, and ultimately inspires us to take action for greater leadership.

About the authors

Marichal KoenSegers Jesse

Koen Marichal is a teacher and researcher at Antwerp Management School. He has more than 20 years of HRM experience in various organizations.

Jesse Segers is Vice-Dean of Education and Professor in Leadership and Organizational Behavior at Antwerp Management School. He is also a visiting Professor at several foreign educational establishments.

Together they lead Antwerp Management School’s Expertise Center Leadership, which researches and develops the leadership of people and organizations.

A book that whets the appetite by describing the myriad aspects of leadership in colorful detail. Perfectly recognizable one minute, inciting the reader to question himself the next. Never normative, the book invites the reader to write his or her own story.

  Katrien Verhegge, Administrator General of Kind en Gezin
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The Leadership Mirror: 19 thoughts in practice

How is your leadership? That’s not an easy question to answer, especially because we still strongly associate leadership with bosses. But that’s not what it is really about. Nowadays, leadership is everyone’s job. In this inspiration session, we get to the essence of leadership and give personal direction to your own leadership, to serve your own qualities and context.


We explore your own leadership on the basis of the 19 leadership insights. We put it into context: what is expected from you? What does the organization need? By answering these questions, you will find tips and ideas to further develop you as a leader. We work with 19 cards and a worksheet and work through personal reflection, interaction and theoretical explanations.

Target audience

This workshop is ideal for anyone working with leadership or aspiring to do so. It’s also ideal for existing teams to develop a view on existing and possible future leadership.

Number of participants

12 to 20

2 versions

  • Introduction: Half a day, includes one set of cards and worksheet per participant.
  • Deep dive: Full day, price on request, includes preparation and individual tailoring of the content and the book ‘The Leader’s Clothes’. The deep dive approach allows for a more in-depth exploration of leadership problems and leads to the drawing up of a fully-detailed action plan.


All the teachers are connected to Antwerp Management School’s Leadership Expertise Center. They are all expert facilitators and very familiar with the ideas in ‘The Leader’s Clothes’. Jesse Segers, Koen Marichal, Karen Wouters, Anne Lemaire, Katrien Nuyts.

The 19 insights into leadership – card box and worksheet

The leadership cards and the ‘Leadership Mirror’ worksheet enable you to start exploring your leadership either personally or as a team. Every card has a short explanation on the back as well as practical suggestions to start working on right away. Price: € 14,95 (excl. VAT and delivery charges) per box. Specific arrangements can be made for larger orders. Available in EN. Ideal in combination with the book ‘The Leader’s Clothes’. (combination-cost: € 40)

Download the worksheet here  Contact Koen to buy the card box  

Showing warmth and hospitaliy

The importance of expertise, truth, a sense of reality

Focus on mission and societal value

Tackling problems in a systematic way

Being more conscious of yourself and others

Keep entrepreneuring and taking initiative

Teams in the lead

Acquiring influence and dealing with power

Acknowledging insecurity and staying authentic

Marry efficiency with innovation

Personal strength and courage

Highlight diversity and equality

Maximum individual responsibility

Inspire with your story as a leader

Focus on the other, altruism

Culture of collaboration and participation

Face and name the hard reality

Work on building trust

Everyone his or her story-as-a-leader

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