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Shared leadership in teams and organizations

The traditional leadership model, where leading equals being the boss, is a thing from the past. Flexibility and innovation require shared leadership. The more people can take the lead starting from a specific role, situation or expertise, the better the leadership of the team and the organization. This is not the easy road. It requires teamwork between strong, authentic leaders at the top and in the middle, and more autonomous teams. It also requires a strong, shared culture and practices of involvement, development and collaboration.

Advice & coaching

  • Leadership for more self-direction in organizations
  • Network organizations and network leadership
  • Leadership based on system and complexity theory
  • Measuring shared leadership in teams and organizations
  • Leadership in teams
  • Dealing with paradoxes in organizations – ambidexterity
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Workshop 19 insights in leadership

How about your leadership? Using 19 insights in leadership, we explore your leadership and reinforce your authenticity. At the same time, we use your context: what is expected of you? What does your organization need? The answer to both questions leads to tips and ideas for your further development as a leader. We work with 19 cards and a worksheet and use personal reflection, interaction and theoretical explanation.

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19 Thoughts

Tailored-made workshops

Give your staff new leadership insights with an in-house workshop!

Designing and delivering goal-oriented leadership workshops is a core competency of the Expertise Center.

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Training programs

Advanced Leadership Program

Organizations need strong managers who transform the many complex challenges into sustainable success. Managers play a key role here: starting from their key position, they catalyze strategy and renovation. 
In this program you will gain new insights into leadership, you will be more aware of your own role in the organization and you will tackle your assignments with more strength and authenticity.

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Start To Lead

In this program we teach young professionals to take on leadership in an authentic manner. The focus in this program is on new thoughts around leadership in teams.

Leadership today is about mindset and taking on a leadership role rather than about leading from a formal position.

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Tailored-made training

Are you looking for a program that digs deeper into this theme in your own organization? Our Expertise Center experts are here to help you.

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Keynote speakers

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