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Has work changed? Impact of disruptive events on…

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Has work changed? Impact of disruptive events on work.

Research on the impact of a pandemic, war, and energy crisis on the work environment. What has changed since 2020 in the way we work?

Type project Research project
Project partners VBO/FEB en HRPro.be - this research is made possible thanks to Indiville/Bpact, HRmagazine, B-Tonic (subsidiary Baloise) and the SD Worx Chair Next Generation Work
Duration June 27, 2023 - June 27, 2026

In this study, we analyze the impact of the global pandemic, the ongoing war in Ukraine, and the resulting energy crisis on labor. We investigate whether significant changes have occurred in our approach to work since the year 2020.

  • Has the role of work in our daily lives changed from before?
  • Have the expectations and preferences of employees shifted as a result of these events?
  • And what about the mindset of both employers and HR professionals?

Our aim is to provide a profound understanding of the evolution of work and labor relations amid these significant global developments.

DM wellbeing

Evolution of work in times of crisis and change: the necessity for regular monitoring

The COVID-19 crisis has compelled organizations to seek alternative ways of working, while employees demonstrated a remarkable adaptability. Since the onset of the pandemic, Antwerp Management School has surveyed business leaders, HR professionals, and employees seven times regarding the impact of this pandemic on the work environment. The key is to maintain a vigilant approach, with a renewed focus on the core themes that were previously addressed:

  • The dynamics of telecommuting
  • Promotion of well-being in the workplace
  • Career paths and personal development
  • Shifting expectations between employers and employees
  • Evolving relationships between employers and employees
  • And more...

First results presented in a webinar

Through surveys conducted with employees on one hand, and employers and HR professionals on the other, we provide insights into their respective perspectives.

In June 2023, the first survey was conducted with both groups. The results reveal that job satisfaction increases with age, and 'aiming for too much in life' is not the primary cause of burnout. These are just a few of the outcomes from the recent survey, which maps our relationship with our jobs and dispels some persistent stereotypes.

These findings were presented in the webinar 'Has work changed? The impact of disruptive events on employment' on September 4, 2023.

Some questions to be addressed:

  • Are there noticeable differences between generations?
  • What are the key factors affecting our mental well-being?
  • How does job satisfaction vary among different age groups of employees?

If you want to read more about the results, consult the publications tab and read more in our blog or the press articles.

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Webinar Human Impact 4

Curious about the previous surveys related to COVID-19?

This study builds upon the earlier surveys concerning the impact of COVID-19 on human capital within organizations. You can find all webinars and publications on the research page.

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Kathleen Vangronsvelt LR

A question about this project?